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Tsarneavs Received Over $100K in Government Handouts

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The Tsarnaev family, including the suspected terrorists and their parents, benefited from more than $100,000 in taxpayer-funded assistance — a bonanza ranging from cash and food stamps to Section 8 housing from 2002 to 2012, the Herald has learned.

“The breadth of the benefits the family was receiving was stunning,” said a person with knowledge of documents handed over to a legislative committee today.

Your tax dollars, hard at work.

Congressman Mike Rogers Is SWATted — And a Curious Coincidence Involving Neal Rauhauser

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“Mike Rogers (former FBI) called for [Bradley] Manning’s execution and he’s from MI-08 . . . we want [Anthony Weiner’s replacement Mike] Grimm, Rogers out /w Anon boot print on their asses . . .”

— Neal Rauhauser

Congressman Mike Rogers was SWATted Saturday night:

Police surrounded the Michigan home of Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) Saturday night after a prank 911 phone call, Rogers’ office confirmed to TPM Sunday.

“Last night police investigated a threat to our home in Howell,” Rogers said in a statement emailed to TPM Sunday. “I appreciate the quick and professional response of the Howell Police Department and the Livingston County Sheriff. While this turned out to be an unfortunate prank, it is a reminder of the the real threats faced by our law enforcement community every day.”

The prank, according to a Rogers spokesperson, was a fake 911 call in which someone claimed to be the congressman.

Rogers is a co-sponsor of CISPA, a bill that has angered many people in Anonymous.

But there is another interesting fact about Rogers that is less well known: he was targeted by Neal Rauhauser. Rauhauser, speaking to Barrett Brown in an Internet Relay Chat as “Carlito2000,” said the following to Brown:

[14:11] Stranahan is a dopey former liberal porn guy scam artist who also worked on the movie
[14:12] jesus
[14:12] Keep in mind Grimm (former FBI) is going down in NY-11, Mike Rogers (former FBI) called for Manning’s execution and he’s from MI-08
[14:12] and Coleen Rowley in MN-02 is former FBI turned whistleblower
[14:12] so, what’s the specific evidence of Darby being involved in Swating, and we’re talking about PAtrick Frey SWAT correct?
[14:12] we want Grimm, Rogers out /w Anon boot print on their asses, and we push Rowley in 🙂

But do we know that “Carlito2000” is really Neal Rauhauser?

Yes, we do. We know it from his own mouth. He made the admission in a leaked recording of a phone conversation between Rauhauser and Kelly Hallissey. Click here and scroll ahead to 18:00, and this is what you will hear Rauhauser saying:

Rauhauser: The log that was published, the #3 of him talking to Pat Frey? There’s an IRC exchange with someone named Carlito2000?

Hallissey: Uh-huh.

Rauhauser: And he publishes actual logs but he changes the names. That was me, that was that night, that was on 2600.

So you have Rauhauser admitting that he talked to Barrett Brown, saying that he wanted two Congressman — Anthony Weiner’s replacement Mike Grimm, and Michigan congressman Mike Rogers — out of office “w/ Anon boot print on their asses.”

Anonymous, it need hardly be added, is generally thought to be behind most SWATtings in the country.

The chat above, where Rauhauser as “Carlito2000” tells Brown that Rogers called for Bradley Manning’s execution, is not the first time that Rauhauser has waved that particular red flag in front of Anonymous. Three weeks after I was SWATted, Rauhauser tried to incite Anonymous against me in a similar fashion on Daily Kos — in a post that mentioned me prominently:

Breitbart’s Big Government, where Patterico is a contributor, is nothing but the same sort of trouble we see with News Corp. Deception, intrusion, and intimidation when caught are the order of the day for them. They do this on behalf of the neo-fascist American right.

One of the politicians supported by this group is Mike Rogers, the Congressman from Michigan’s 8th District. This guy has an interesting past, quitting his job with the FBI just six months short of vesting. Curious, eh?

Rogers was John Boehner’s choice to head the House Permanent Select Intelligence Committee. They’re supposed to be doing stuff like watching over the NSA so they don’t waste a billion dollars on a three million dollar problem and get all up in our civil liberties while also failing to stop the 9/11 attack. Instead, Rogers crows about this oversight (after the fact) committee’s work to find and kill bin Laden – more pure fabrication – finding him is President Obama’s success.

And it’s not just bin Laden that Rogers wants dead; he’s publicly called for the execution of Bradley Manning.

So while Anonymiss and I are busy figuring out how to get these guys matching sets of handcuffs, they go out and make fools of themselves trying to get the boys to attack us on behalf of a political faction that’s calling for the execution of a man that parts of Anonymous are determined to free?

Who here would like to offer a prediction as to how this set of maneuvers will turn out for Mr. Frey? And will the wrath flow back and hit @AndrewBreitbart, getting Big Government torn to shreds by an aroused hive just like The Sun was?

Then you have the rampant evidence of the hostility that Rauhauser and/or his friends have shown to five other SWATting victims besides Rep. Rogers. Here are the names of the SWATting victims and the dates of our SWATting incidents:

Just some of the examples of Rauhauser’s and his friends’ hatred for us:

Rauhauser called SWATting victims Mike Stack and me the “Weinergate perps” — before our SWATtings were publicly known.

Rauhauser sent a document to law enforcement with information on a number of his enemies, including me, Stack, and Aaron Walker — all SWATting victims. Here is a screenshot from one of Rauhauser’s crazy documents:

That’s three SWATting victims named in Rauhauser’s nutty screed.

Rauhauser is, according to convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin, an “associate” of Kimberlin’s. Critics of Kimberlin have been SWATted including me, Aaron Walker, and Erick Erickson. Erickson was SWATted two days after he started criticizing Kimberlin. Walker was SWATted the same day he won a major court battle with Kimberlin.

(If you doubt Rauhauser’s connection to Kimberlin, or the way that he groups critics of Kimberlin’s with the late Andrew Breitbart, doubt no more. Just last night, on an Internet radio show, he boasted: “Breitbart fucked with me, he fucked with Brett [Kimberlin], and now his ass is dead.” Listen to the audio clip here.)

I was SWATted hours after I put up a post suggesting that a possible frame-up of Lee Stranahan for threatening a woman in Boston sounded like the type of thing Neal Rauhauser might do.

Erik Rush was SWATted two hours after arguing with “Team Kimberlin” member Bill Schmalfeldt, who has had Rauhauser on his radio show.

None of this is an accusation. I am not saying Neal Rauhauser (or any other specific person) has done any SWATting. Maybe it’s a supporter of his. Maybe it’s an enemy of his trying to frame him.

But doesn’t this sound like something the investigators of Mike Rogers’s SWATting should know about?

P.S. Here is the by-now traditional roll call of the SWATted: Congressman Mike Rogers; Wolf Blitzer; Ted Lieu; Erik Rush; Ryan Seacrest; Russell Brand; Selena Gomez; Justin Timberlake; Rihanna; Sean Combs; Chris Brown; Tom Cruise; Paris Hilton; Clint Eastwood; Brian Krebs; the Jenners and Kardashians; Justin Bieber; Miley Cyrus; Ashton Kutcher; Simon Cowell; Aaron Walker; Erick Erickson; Mike Stack; and me.

MORE: Rauhauser called Rogers an “election rigging loser” in this post, and this post says Rauhauser’s “Progressive PST” social media organization aided Rogers’s opponent, Lance Enderle.

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