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Colorado deals with Two Police Shootings

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There have been two recent police shootings in Colorado:

Colorado Springs, CO:

Video shows Colorado Springs police shoot De’Von Bailey in the back as he runs away

Police yelled “Hands up! Hands up!” before shooting multiple timesColorado Springs police have released body camera video that shows two officers shooting 19-year-old De’Von Bailey in the back as he ran from them, ignoring their commands to put his hands up.

The graphic footage from two officers’ body cameras shows Bailey fall to the pavement, weakly attempt to raise his right hand up above his head as blood poured from gunshot wounds on his back and pooled on the street.

Bailey soon collapsed and moaned as officers handcuffed him. He died later after being transported to a hospital.

Rifle, CO:

Video raises possibility police shot Rifle man in the back

A cell phone video appears to show the Aug. 5 fatal shooting of Allan George in Rifle by police and seems to indicate he was shot in the back as he was moving away from officers.

The footage was taken across the river from the bridge where George was stopped, then shot by Rifle Police, who were attempting to arrest George on charges of child exploitation.

Legal experts weigh in on both cases: Colorado law tends to favor police who shoot “fleeing felons”.



Federal Gun Charges in connection with Dayton Shooting

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Friend of gunman in Ohio mass shooting to face federal gun charges: prosecutors:

(Reuters) – A friend of the Ohio man who killed nine people, including his own sister, in Dayton this month will be charged on Monday with lying on a form related to guns, federal prosecutors said on Monday.

There aren’t many details yet but charges will be released at 2:00 PM (probably CST so an hour from now).



Questions continue about Epstein’s Prison, Guards, Death

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Daily MailThe two prison guards who failed to check on Jeffrey Epstein every 30 minutes were both ‘working long overtime shifts at the understaffed jail’ on the night he killed himself, sources claim:

Ttwo prison guards at Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan jail who reportedly failed to follow procedure and check on prisoners every 30 minutes were both working long overtime shifts the night the pedophile took his own life, a source has revealed.

The former financier, 66, was found hanging in his prison cell shortly before 7am and was rushed to nearby New York Presbyterian-Lower Manhattan hospital where he was pronounced dead.

A prison official told The New York Times  one of the guards was working his fifth straight day of overtime at the short staffed jailhouse while the second corrections officers was had been forced to work overtime.

So we may have tired and unhappy guards. There’s more:

The decision to remove Epstein, who was possibly the most high-profile inmate in the federal jail system, from suicide watch has both baffled former wardens and veterans of the federal prison system alike. 

A separate source revealed to that Epstein actually told prison guards and fellow inmates that he believed someone had tried to kill him in the weeks before his death.



Arrests made for Threats targeting South Texas Walmarts

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The Rio Grande Valley in South Texas is having problems with online threats targeting Walmart stores:

Just one week after a mass shooting at an El Paso Walmart, authorities have arrested two individuals, one being a teenager, for posting threats on social medias targeting two Valley Walmarts.


According to a release, police were made aware of the threat [about an Hernandez Walmart] on social media at around 4 a.m and worked through the morning to locate the suspect. He was arrested at his home and is facing charges of making a terroristic threat.

Earlier in the week, a 13-year-old boy in Weslaco faced similar charges after he posted a social media threat targeting a Walmart in the city.

I miss the days when product-tampering was the big fad.


Update: Missouri Walmart Incident

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I updated a recent post on a Missouri Walmart incident but I am also starting a new post because of a new development that involves a favorite topic around here — the law:

Armed man at Walmart says he was testing right to bear arms

“Missouri protects the right of people to open carry a firearm, but that does not allow an individual to act in a reckless and criminal manner endangering other citizens,” Greene County Prosecuting Attorney Dan Patterson said in a statement announcing the charge. Patterson compared the man’s actions to “falsely shouting fire in a theater causing a panic.”

If convicted, the felony charge of making a terrorist threat in the second degree is punishable by up to four years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000, according to the prosecutor’s office. The charge means he showed reckless disregard for the risk of causing an evacuation or knowingly caused fear that lives were in danger.

“I wanted to know if Walmart honored the Second Amendment,” a probable cause statement released Friday with the charges quoted Andreychenko as saying.

His wife and sister told police they warned him it was a bad idea.



More Gun Stories (Update: Plus a Bomb-making Story)

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I fear we may see more of these stories for awhile:

After a six-hour search, authorities found a Paradise man, who was reportedly seen earlier in the afternoon carrying a rifle near the Paradise High School football field, in the walls of the high school gym late Wednesday night.

Wise County Sheriff Lane Akin said they found the man, Elvin Fox, 59, and a rifle, trapped in the walls near the locker room at 10 p.m.

Another local newspaper that did an excellent job reporting a story, and worth reading the whole thing. (Hint: Mental illness may be involved.)

Meanwhile, police are searching for a young Hispanic man who used an AR-15 to kill two people in a car on a Houston freeway:

It’s unclear what led to the shooting, but police said the incident began as an auto collision, as the suspect’s car struck the victims’ vehicle.

One man got out of the suspect’s vehicle and began firing at the victims’ car. A witness at the scene, who believed the shooter would target him, pulled out his personal pistol and began firing at the shooter, according to police. That’s when the shooter got back into his vehicle and fled.

Police do not know whether the shooting was drug related, or due to road rage. Traffic was backed up for hours, as police canvassed the scene searching for clues.

We may see more armed defenders, too.

UPDATE: Another story but this one involves bomb-making materials:

The Justice Department announced that Conor Climo, 23, was charged with one count of possession of an unregistered firearm, referring to the components for a bomb.

Prosecutors say Climo engaged in encrypted online conversations this year in which he allegedly used derogatory, racial, anti-Semitic and homophobic slurs.

He allegedly discussed attacking an area synagogue and surveilling a bar he believed to cater to the LGBT community, and also allegedly discussed making Molotov Cocktails and improvised explosive devices, prosecutors said.


Missouri Walmart Incident (5 days after El Paso Walmart shooting) — UPDATED

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Yesterday afternoon: Police: Man with rifle, bulletproof vest arrested at Walmart store:

[Springfield Police Lt.] Lucas said the man showed up to the business with body armor and military-style clothing and then walked inside carrying a “tactical rifle” and another gun. 

As shoppers were panicking and fleeing the store, Lucas said the man was taking video on his phone and making comments to people while pushing a shopping cart. 

Lucas said the suspect then walked out of the store, where an off-duty firefighter held the suspect at gunpoint until police arrived moments later.

Today: Police ID man arrested with rifle at Springfield Walmart:

Dmitriy N. Andreychenko, 20, was booked into the jail on suspicion of first-degree making a terrorist threat.

Kudos to police that arrived in 3 minutes and especially to the armed off-duty firefighter who detained the departing young man. A bystander added her appreciation for the police and firefighter, and this:

Within seconds after she pulled into the lot, Belew said, police arrived.

Someone shouted at the man, “Why are you walking around in a tactical jacket carrying a rifle?” Belew said. “I did not hear what he said back.

“The guy told police he was keeping his phone on for his own safety,” she said.

“He did not seem surprised. He did not seem angry. He looked like he had accomplished whatever he wanted to accomplish.”

The local paper interviewed a Springfield defense lawyer and former prosecutor about the legal issues involved. Please click the links and help out the local newspaper. It did an excellent job covering this story.

Was this young man considering whether to shoot, making a political point about guns, seeking a little copycat fame, or does he have a cruel sense of humor?

HT urbanleftbehind.

UPDATE 8/10/2019: Armed man at Walmart says he was testing right to bear arms.



NM Homeowner faces Murder Charge

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If this report is true, this does not sound like the best way to legally defend yourself and your property:

Homeowner faces murder charge in shooting of auto burglar

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Detectives have arrested a homeowner who they say fatally shot an unarmed man in the back after he caught that man breaking into his car outside his West Side neighborhood.

Police say the homeowner then lied about his role in the shooting and tried to hide his identity by giving a different last name and date of birth.

Mario Figueroa, 35, is charged with an open count of murder and tampering with evidence in the May 20 death of 31-year-old Jacob Gearing. He was booked into the Metropolitan Detention Center on Tuesday afternoon.


Violence Continues: 4 Dead in Stabbing Spree

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4 dead after series of stabbings in Garden Grove, Santa Ana:

Four people were killed and two others injured in a series of robberies and stabbings that started in Garden Grove and ended in Santa Ana on Wednesday evening, Aug. 7, authorities said.


Police arrested one man at a 7-Eleven at Harbor Boulevard and 1st Street, one of eight crime scenes in the two-hour spree that straddled the two cities.

The four dead are all men, two other people were hospitalized in what authorities described as violent robberies. Police have not released any names.

The attacks occurred at the suspect’s apartment complex and other locations but are said to involve random victims. The details of the series of attacks are at the link.



Extreme Patriotism

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Superior man charged with assaulting boy who was ‘disrespecting the national anthem’:

A 39-year-old Superior man was jailed this weekend for allegedly assaulting a 13-year-old boy he believed, according to one witness, had disrespected the national anthem.

Curt James Brockway was arrested by Mineral County Sheriff’s deputies around 11 p.m. Saturday. Montana Department of Justice records show he is registered as a violent offender. Brockway made his initial appearance in Mineral County Justice Court on Monday, and was scheduled to be released on his own recognizance on Tuesday.


“There was a little boy lying on the ground,” she said. “He was bleeding out of his ears, seizing on the ground, just not coherent.” She said she recognized the boy as a family member’s neighbor.


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