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POWER Is Still The Ultimate Aphrodisiac (Even In Los Angeles – The Nation’s Undisputed Capital For The Beautiful People)

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[posted by Justin Levine] 

So it turns out that the L.A. Mayor’s mistress has been with at least, not one, not two, but three [count ’em] three major power players in L.A. Latino power circles – The Mayor, California’s House Speaker Fabian Nunez, and State Senator Alex Padilla.

Busy girl, this one. Who knows – maybe these are only the politicians that have been reported on so far.

But hey, its none of our business. These are all the private matters of the individuals involved. The fact that it may have a direct bearing on how the Spanish speaking media scrutinizes our politicians shouldn’t concern the rest of us. After all, many of us don’t even speak Spanish, right? So this is an entirely separate matter that we in the outside world should just rightly ignore.

Side thought # 1: L.A. Weekly reports that “Telemundo executives would not comment on the relationship, saying the channel does not discuss the personal lives of its employees.”

Translation – (more…)

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