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Further Proof That Someone Close to Brett Kimberlin Drove by Aaron Walker’s House

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This morning I noted various items of evidence that Aaron Walker has been stalked by Brett Kimberlin and his associates. You’ll never guess who came up with an idea that further confirms this evidence of stalking. Aaron Walker’s nemesis “Kman.”

First, let’s review some of the evidence of stalking that I mentioned this morning:

  • Kimberlin took photos of Aaron and his wife weeks ago at a Maryland courthouse in a different county from where Kimberlin lives. He parked his car behind Aaron’s, circled the car, saw Aaron’s wife, pulled his car around to face her, and took footage or pictures of her as she sat in her car.
  • Someone took a surreptitious low-angle picture of Aaron last year at a courthouse, from just feet away. The picture was published at the Kimberlin-related blog Breitbart Unmasked.
  • A Breitbart Unmasked commenter named Texas Tim, who knew that Kimberlin took the courthouse pictures of Aaron and his wife before that fact was made public, stated that Aaron has a “no trespassing” sign at his house. I verified with Aaron that he does have such a sign. This suggests that Kimberlin associate (or sock puppet) “Texas Tim” physically drove past Aaron’s house in Virginia.

Kman had an interesting comment in response to that thread:

Just throwing this out there… but has anyone considered Google Maps Street View? I would be interested to know if that shows the sign. If it doesn’t, that certainly would lend credibility to the theory that Walker is being stalked in Virginia.

Good question. I checked with Aaron, who shared his street address with me. And guess what? It cannot be seen on Google Street View. Google Street View simply is not available for his address.

Oh, but it gets better. And creepier.

Today, at the Kimberlin-related site Breitbart Unmasked, a post was published with a photo of Aaron’s Virginia house. The post was apparently a response to my post about Aaron’s “no trespassing” sign. The site, which often publishes scoops known only to Kimberlin, mockingly Photoshopped silly signs into the picture of Aaron’s home. The blogger claimed he had gotten the picture from I could not find the photo at the Zillow site — but, knowing Aaron’s address, I was able to find the identical picture (the non-Photoshopped version) on another real estate site. It was copyright 2009, and there was no genuine “no trespassing” sign.

So, As far as I can tell, the only way “Texas Tim” could know that Aaron has a “no trespassing” sign at his house is if he, or someone he knows, physically drove past Aaron Walker’s house in Virginia. And, again, “Texas Tim” knew non-public information known only to a handful of people including Aaron, his wife . . . and Brett Kimberlin.

It almost seems like Brett Kimberlin or his close confidante drove past Aaron Walker’s house in Virginia. Which sounds, under the circumstances, like it fits a pattern of real life stalking. Why, I can’t put it any better than Kman himself: this fact “lend[s] credibility to the theory that Walker is being stalked in Virginia.”

P.S. I do want to give props to my friend Michelle Malkin for stepping up to the plate today and blogging about all this. The fact is, Michelle has faced the laziness and incompetence of law enforcement in a far more dire situation than this. Michelle is a high profile blogger who has also faced threats and exposure of her home address — when she lived, ironically enough, in Maryland, not too far from Brett Kimberlin. So it takes courage for her to blog about this, knowing that scum like Bill Schmalfeldt have threatened to release the current home addresses of anyone who dared question the Howard County State’s Attorney and their cavalier attitude about the safety of Aaron and his wife. (Clearly, with the publication of a picture of Aaron’s house, Schmalfeldt’s thuggish threat was genuine.) Michelle is the type who stands up for what is right and does not back down. We need more people like her in this world.

UPDATE: I don’t think this is worth a new post, but the evidence is piling up. There is another laughable comment tonight from “Texas Tim” — which comment, by the way, really sounds an awful lot like it was written by Neal Rauhauser — that declares that Aaron’s “no trespassing” sign is to the left of Aaron’s front door. I checked with Aaron just now and it is.

Neal, I mean, “Texas Tim” says he knows this because the “intel community” is monitoring all of Aaron’s communications. Hahahahahahahaha.

Anyway, the Breitbart Unmasked web site says they obtained the photo of Aaron’s house on January 2, 2012 from Zillow. (They also claim I lied about whether they got it from Zillow, which is itself a lie; if you check my post, I merely said I could not find the photo on Zillow. I don’t even understand the purpose of their claiming I lied about something but I guess false accusations come reflexively to these people.) January 2, 2012 is about the time that Brett Kimberlin unnecessarily released Aaron’s identity and personal information in court documents. So the evidence of stalking and coordination with Kimberlin is stacking up quite nicely.

Neal, you suck at hiding your identity. You really just suck at it.

Witness: Baby Killed by Gosnell Screamed

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Content warning for the squeamish. If that is you, don’t read this quote:

A Delaware woman who worked for abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell recalled hearing one child “screaming” after it was delivered alive during an abortion procedure at Gosnell’s West Philadelphia clinic.

Sherry West, of Bear, said she was loyal to Gosnell – who is now facing multiple counts of murder for allegedly killing children after they were delivered alive at his clinic – but said the incident “really freaked me out.”

When Assistant District Attorney Joanne Pescatore pressed the 53-year-old West for specifics about the incident, West struggled to answer, clearly uncomfortable with the memory.

“I can’t describe it. It sounded like a little alien,” West testified, telling a judge and Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas jury that the body of the child was about 18 to 24 inches long and was one of the largest babies she had seen delivered during abortion procedures at Gosnell’s clinic.

Gosnell is accused of delivering babies alive and killing them by snipping their spinal cords with scissors.

Barack Obama voted against a bill designed to protect infants born alive — and, when called on it, “misrepresented the facts” to make it sound like abortion-related concerns were implicated by the bill. Not so, says the Washington Post‘s left-leaning and partisan fact checker.

You won’t be hearing about Kermit Gosnell from Barack Obama. (Nor, for that matter, will you be hearing him talk about the Newtown parent who opposes gun control.) Obama haughtily says we need to “make it a little harder for our kids to get gunned down” — but he does not care a whit for babies born alive to moms who tried to abort them.

UPDATE: A search reveals no story about Gosnell in the Los Angeles Times for at least the past year.

Russell Brand Victim of (Attempted) SWATting

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TMZ, which kicks the L.A. Times‘s posterior on these stories every time, reports that Russell Brand is the latest (attempted) SWATting victim:

The swatting epidemic continues … this time, the victim is Russell Brand, TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us … cops raced to Brand’s L.A. home after receiving a call from someone reporting two men with guns approaching the home.

We’re told the caller told police one of the men was black, one white — and they were each sporting body armor.

Brand had left his home half an hour earlier.

The incomplete roll call of SWATting victims: Russell Brand; Selena Gomez; Justin Timberlake; Rihanna; Sean Combs; Chris Brown; Tom Cruise; Paris Hilton; Clint Eastwood; Brian Krebs; the Jenners and Kardashians; Justin Bieber; Miley Cyrus; Ashton Kutcher; Simon Cowell; Aaron Walker; Erick Erickson; Mike Stack; and me.

Margaret Thatcher, RIP

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Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, a towering figure in postwar British and world politics and the only woman to become British prime minister, has died at the age of 87.

She suffered a stroke Monday, her spokeswoman said.

Thatcher’s funeral will be at St. Paul’s Cathedral, with full military honors, followed by a private cremation, the British prime minister’s office announced.

Start collecting the joyful comments from fringe leftists and leave them in comments. We’ll likely have a roundup later.

Maryland Prosecutor to Aaron Walker’s Wife: “If you’re so concerned about your safety, don’t come to Maryland.”

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Last month, I showed you pictures that Brett Kimberlin took of Aaron Walker and his wife as they were conducting business at a Maryland courthouse in a different county from where Kimberlin lives.

I blurred out the faces. The web site that first published them, the Kimberlin-related Breitbart Unmasked site, did not.

As I told you last month:

The first time, Aaron says, Kimberlin took pictures or video footage of Aaron’s wife while she was waiting in the car outside the courthouse. Aaron had seen Kimberlin inside the courthouse and asked his wife to wait in the car, where he thought she would be safer. But Kimberlin slipped outside without Aaron noticing. According to Aaron’s post, Kimberlin parked his car behind Aaron’s, circled the car, saw Aaron’s wife, pulled his car around to face her, and took footage or pictures of her as she sat inside the car. Aaron says Kimberlin smiled as he did this, which is extraordinarily creepy.

Aaron and his wife reported the incident to police, and Kimberlin photographed them as they did so (see the second picture). Aaron’s wife was reportedly in tears for much of the rest of the day.

Since then, the Breitbart Unmasked site has published another picture taken of Aaron, apparently at a courthouse, which it first published about a year ago, when Brett Kimberlin was trying to have Aaron jailed for blogging. It is a low angle shot taken in a hallway without Aaron’s knowledge. Whoever took it was just feet away when they surreptitiously took the picture.

Aaron and his wife recently spoke to a local prosecutor in Maryland, and according to Aaron, when Aaron’s wife told the prosecutors about the feelings of fear she had experienced, the prosecutor replied: “If you’re so concerned about your safety, don’t come to Maryland.”

This isn’t a post about the prosecutor’s refusal to file charges in any particular case. This is about that comment, and the attitude it represents. John Hoge asks what is, to my way of thinking, the relevant question: “Is it the policy of [the] State’s Attorney that non-residents of Maryland must or should avoid entering the state if they are being stalked by a Maryland resident?”

I’d like to add one detail to complete the picture for you. The pictures above first appeared at the Breitbart Unmasked web site, which often breaks news known only to Brett Kimberlin. When those pictures were first published, the site refused to say who had taken them. But a commenter at the Breitbart Unmasked web site named “Texas Tim” admitted (perhaps inadvertently) that it was Kimberlin. (“Texas Tim” always claims to have inside information favorable to Kimberlin about every controversy; in a future post I will demonstrate how comical his claims to insider knowledge are.) The fact that “Texas Tim” knew Kimberlin had taken the pictures, when that fact had not yet been publicly revealed by anyone, demonstrates a close relationship between “Texas Tim” and Brett Kimberlin. If Texas Tim is not Kimberlin’s sock puppet, they are certainly sharing information in back channels.

Why does this matter? Because around this same time, Kimberlin associate “Texas Tim” made reference to Aaron having a “no trespassing” sign by the front door of his Virginia house. I called up Aaron to ask if he actually has such a sign by his front door. He told me he does.

He had not publicly revealed that when I asked.

How does Brett Kimberlin’s pal (or sock puppet) “Texas Tim” know that Aaron has a “no trespassing” sign by his front door in Virginia?

Good guess? Or has someone been by Aaron’s house to look at it, and perhaps take pictures?

Aaron Walker doesn’t have to go to Maryland to be stalked.

“If you’re so concerned about your safety, don’t come to Maryland.”

It’s hard for me to envision how a comment like this from a prosecutor can be appropriate.

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