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Chris Brown Victim of Attempted SWATting

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“Attempted” because he wasn’t home:

Cops raced to Chris Brown’s Hollywood Hills home Monday afternoon … after someone called 911 and reported a domestic incident involving a gun, but we’re told it was all a prank.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … the caller claimed a mother and father were in a fight and the father went to another room in the house to get a gun. At that point the caller hung up, never mentioning it was Chris Brown’s house.

When cops arrived there was no evidence of a gunman or for that matter any dispute.

Chris was NOT home at the time.

Somebody’s having a good old time laughing at the cops.

9 Responses to “Chris Brown Victim of Attempted SWATting”

  1. This is getting to be constant.

    Patterico (8b3905)

  2. maybe LAPD will get tired of it, and put down the doughnuts long enough to do something about it.

    i won’t hold my breath though: the local station wasn’t even answering their phone today… must have been holiday staffing or something.

    funny how they always have people for gun grabs buy-backs though.

    redc1c4 (403dff)

  3. why do these propaganda slut morons keep using the word “prank”

    happyfeet (ce327d)

  4. This can’t be that difficult an act to detect.

    I understand that it is difficult to find out exactly WHO but it’s not hard to know that someone’s using a redirect of some sort and that should make any call suspect.

    Can someone tell me that a redirected call can happen legitimately?

    If not then any call that comes in that does not “I.D.” to a name and number and that can’t be cross referenced then that call should be ignored.

    Just put it out as a protocol for calling 911 and receiving emergency services.

    Jcw46 (eda37d)

  5. Gov. Moonbeam Brown could use a swat.

    mg (31009b)

  6. Patrick, are the police beginning to moderate their approach to these kinds of calls? That is, rather than assuming that such “man with a gun just killed his family” kind of calls are true, and responding with guns drawn and kicking in the doors, are they taking any additional steps to do any preliminary calling or brief surveillance before sending out the SWAT team or otherwise preparing an assault-style response?

    PatHMV (791ed9)

  7. It is a redirect.

    The problem is that you have to get several people from several different places working together. You have to get the techie guys who are busy doing other work to trace everything that they don’t usually trace and track down what they have to give to the next person.

    And when you’re done the chances are strong that you get some 16 year old that you can’t punish. Even if you think you could explain all the techie stuff to a judge and jury.

    So motivation remains low, until someone loses an eye.

    luagha (1de9ec)

  8. Is somebody maybe trying to create a diversion?

    Sammy Finkelman (d22d64)

  9. It’s not swatting but it’s close: Katie Couric is victim of spoofing using her late husband’s phone number.

    DRJ (a83b8b)

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