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College Football 2019

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My job here is breaking news headlines but I am deviating from that today to talk about college football. The first Division 1 games are still a week away and most teams don’t start for two weeks. But if you are like me, you are ready now.

The Preseason Top 25 rankings are:



Redskins offer Betting-focused Preseason Games

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Redskins to offer gambling-focused preseason telecast:

The Washington Redskins will become the first NFL team to have a gambling-focused telecast of their games, offering cash prizes to viewers who correctly predict in-game outcomes during the preseason.

The telecasts on the regional cable network NBC Sports Washington will follow a formula established by the Redskins’ NBA neighbors, the Washington Wizards. The Wizards, however, offered the free-to-play contests during the regular season, while the Redskins will have them only during the four preseason games, when NBC Sports Washington has TV rights.


Starting the interactive telecasts now allows the network to be ready when legal online or mobile sports betting becomes available in its viewing area, Phillips said. The network in theory could accept real-time wagers on proposition bets offered during the telecast if it partnered with a sportsbook.



US Women’s Soccer Team

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They won the World Cup and two members are on the cover of SI (with bikini photos inside).

And apparently one or two hates Trump.

EDIT 7/10/2019: Megan, please read this.



Happy Father’s Day !

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The fathers I know are enjoying family time, along with the US Open and the College World Series.

Special best wishes to the Fathers here.



Headline of Our Times

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LA TimesWhy are Beyonce fans sending death threats to the Warriors majority owner’s wife?:

Death threats? Really, Beyhive?

That’s reportedly one of the ways Beyonce’s devoted fans are reacting to a viral video of Nicole Curran, wife of Golden State Warriors majority owner Joseph Lacob, leaning over Queen Bey to interact with the music superstar’s husband, rapper Jay-Z, during Game 3 of the NBA Finals on Wednesday night.

Curran told ESPN she had asked their courtside guests if they wanted anything to drink. When Jay-Z requested a vodka soda (Beyonce wanted only water), Curran wondered if he wanted a lime with it. Because of the noise at Oracle Arena, Curran said, she leaned over so she could hear his response.

This story has it all — fame, money, sports, celebrities, and the threat of danger.



USC’s 2010 Media Guide

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Are you ready for college football? I’m always ready and after a little housecleaning, USC may be ready, too:

“[T]he Trojans’ media guide has undergone some late-breaking revisionism to account for Reggie Bush’s vanishing Heisman Trophy, apparently overnight.”

Before-and-after media guides are shown at the link.



George Steinbrenner (1930-2010)

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Yankees owner George Steinbrenner died overnight in Tampa, Florida, of an apparent heart attack.

To me, Steinbrenner will always hold a larger-than-life place in the sports world. My condolences to his family, friends, and fans.



Paris Hilton Arrested? (Updated: Not True)

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Paris Hilton has reportedly been arrested in South Africa for smoking marijuana during the Holland-Brazil World Cup quarterfinals match but there is no confirmation from Hilton. Perhaps she should have tried nutmeg.

Also, the Dutch upset Brazil.


UPDATE: False alarm. TMZ reports Hilton was questioned but the investigation involved someone else.


Don Coryell (1924-2010)

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Don Coryell, a “founding father” of the modern pro football passing game, died today in California. Coryell’s high-power, load-’em-up offenses were exciting in an era when most offenses were pretty dull. I consider Coryell an originator of the West Coast offense that Bill Walsh perfected.

My condolences to his family, and my thanks to Coach Coryell for some great games.



Golf Coach Hank Haney

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Tiger Woods’ long-time coach Hank Haney opens up to Golf Digest about moving on.


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