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Deb Frisch: Her Gums Aren’t Done Flappin’ Yet!

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Ms. Frisch, the toddler-threatener, seems less than repentant. Her blog is open for business, and (h/t nk) we have three more posts for our viewing pleasure. There’s this one:

The point of resigning is that it is something I was thinking of doing anyway. I want to stay in Eugene, OR where moonbats rule instead of living in Tucson, AZ where moonbats are in the minority. So my point is not that you should feel sorry for me but rather you should lay off the stalking like the emails to the head of the psych department at the University of Arizona, the nasty, threatening comments at the various rightwingnut blogs that have jumped on this “story.”

The department head said he would deal with this on Monday. No one has formally accepted my resignation yet. I’ve just submitted it. I understand there are many, many people out there who will want to know how the University of Arizona responds to my offer to give up my temporary gig teaching psychology next year. I will let you all know on Monday or Tuesday.

I’m just asking y’all to leave me alone and go stalk another moonbat.

And this one:

Sheesh – this is really not fun being the lightning rod for unhinged rightwingnuts. But the dust seems to be settling. I just told my parents about what was going on. They read my blog sometimes. My mother told me I was grounded AND I had to wash my mouth out with soap.

And this one:

A guy from Fox News named Richard Carbery emailed and wants to interview me on the phone on Monday. It’s almost as exciting as when I was interviewed by Richard Harris for NPR. I will try to find a copy of that interview and post it.

The dept head at the UA formally accepted my resignation this afternoon.

Rightwing nutcases with nothing better to do on the weekend might want to stop harassing University of Arizona administrators. Just a thought.

Looks like someone at TalkLeft is siding with Mr. Goldstein. But here’s a commenter named bigunit12 who gets it:

On one hand, what she wrote was wrong. But, on the other hand, it was only word. How many dead Iraqi mothers,American and Iraqi fathers, and Iraqi children are conservatives responsible for?

It is unbelievable that a comment saying I would not care if harm came to your child is such a crime to the rightwingnuts when they’ve been happy as clams to send American dupes to murder, maim, rape and torture (yup folks – depriving people of electricity and clean water is a form of torture!) Iraqi children for four years.

I’m not sure there’s room for a pool in our backyard, but I’m consulting with Deb Frisch to find out for sure. Nobody knows more about digging holes than she does.

Message from Jeff Goldstein

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I asked Jeff Goldstein if there is anything he’d like me to pass along while he is working on getting his site back up. He said:

Just that I didn’t pull the site down myself, I have the tickets to my host to prove it, that I have another host working on trying to get me up and running and then we’ll begin propagating to the new host, and that Frisch is a lying sackweasel.


P.S. Jeff is referring to Frisch’s accusation that he deliberately took down his site:

Methinks Jeff took the site offline himself – it sure is convenient for him to be the only one with the raw data. I think. Can someone really knock out your site for DAYS?!?

I mentioned this accusation in UPDATE x3 to this post of mine, which has more details on the whole depressing saga.

UPDATE 2:34 p.m. Pacific: Jeff’s site is back up. You can now see the post that started this controversy here. Strange . . . it looks exactly the same as when I (and hundreds of others) first saw it the other night!

UPDATE x2: Note that Frisch, in her “white flag” post, says in an update:

Protein Wisdom has been down since this all started so it is not possible to see all the comments and everything that led up to this. People are posting snippets of what I posted that have been embellished with references to french kissing and other things I didn’t say.

When and if protein wisdom comes on line again, it will be hard to tell what Jeff added or deleted to the transcript.

Nope, it’s easy to see that all the stuff you said is still there, Ms. Frisch. Just like it was the other night.

We’re not going to let you rewrite the story like this.

UPDATE x3: Jeff didn’t ask me to post this, but you might consider throwing him a few bucks to cover the cost of a move to a new server and host . . . and to purchase a defensive firearm. Paypal him at proteinwisdom AT celluloid-wisdom DOT com. I did.

UPDATE x4: It’s not loading for everyone. Be patient. It may take a few hours for some.

UPDATE x5: Michelle Malkin has officially confirmed that Frisch resigned.

UPDATE x6: You thought Frisch was done?? Oh, no. There’s more. So much more.

Another Leaker Damages Our Counterterror Efforts

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Another leaker has damaged our ability to catch terrorists. This time, someone prematurely disclosed the effort to catch those plotting to blow up the PATH train between Manhattan and New Jersey. Now we won’t catch everyone involved.

As is always the case with major stories on terrorism issues, Cori Dauber has excellent coverage.

They need to find the leaker and fire him (or her), at a minimum. Assuming classified information was disclosed, there should be a prosecution. I don’t care if it was Karl Rove himself. And the Daily News bears a heavy measure of responsibility as well. There are specific terrorists whom we could have caught, and now they are going to remain on the loose because of some damn loudmouth.

I’m sick of this happening again and again. This was just one operation, and not an entire program as happened with the Swift disclosures. But it’s symptomatic of an ongoing and very serious problem. I want to see Adminstration action on this, immediately.

Issuer of Toddler Death Threats Loses Job

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This is hardly shocking — I was telling Armed Liberal just this morning on the phone that I’d be shocked if she weren’t fired. Also, fairly predictably, she is blaming Goldstein and minimizing her own culpability.

The commenters aren’t letting her get away with it.

(Via Instapundit.)

P.S. I suspect you already know the background on this, but if not, it’s here.

In a post from yesterday, posted during one of his few moments of up-time, Goldstein discussed shopping for a gun as one of his “moments of unabashed pragmatism.” I think I’d move ahead with that, Jeff — and make sure you know how to use it, if you don’t already. Unhinged people don’t suddenly become rational when they lose their job and blame you for it.

UPDATE: Amazing. Liberal commenters on her blog are refusing to condemn her. You might think you’d see comments like this:

I am a leftist and disagree with Goldstein, but threatening a two-year-old child with violence is beyond despicable.

Instead, you have people clapping her on the back, like Liberal Avenger, who (with no hard evidence) concludes that she must be mentally ill, encourages her to unresign and talk to a mental health professional, and says:

Ignore the hypocritical wingnuts here who pretend as if what you did was some enormous crime against decency. It wasn’t.

There you have it. The face of the unhinged left, as clear as glass. According to Liberal Avenger, it is not an enormous crime against decency to threaten to shoot an innocent two-year-old child because you dislike his father’s politics.

Words fail me. What has happened to our politics that people will so willingly defend such vile actions?

UPDATE x2: A commenter points to one comment from a liberal (the first) condemning her. He claims there are others downthread, but it’s not immediately obvious to me that this is true. In any event, I’d like to see a lot more of those, and a lot fewer like those from the “Liberal Avenger.”

UPDATE x3: Frisch is now accusing Goldstein of taking his site offline deliberately:

Methinks Jeff took the site offline himself – it sure is convenient for him to be the only one with the raw data. I think. Can someone really knock out your site for DAYS?!?

Methinks this lady needs to stop digging already.

UPDATE x4: Jeff has asked me to pass along a message, which I am posting here.

Jack Shafer: Gauging from My Vast Well of Ignorance, I Suspect That the Following Thing Happened, Which I Just Made Up

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A snarky Jack Shafer writes in Slate regarding the disclosure of the Swift counterterror program:

In an open society such as ours, it’s up to the White House to convince the editors not to publish. I claim no inside knowledge about why talks between the administration and the Timeses cratered. Gauging from the White House’s fury, I suspect that it either failed to make a plausible case for keeping the program secret or didn’t want to make a case.

Oh, well. If you claim no inside knowledge, why not just make something up? That’s a lot more fun than, say, doing research to see what someone who does have inside knowledge says.

Gauging from what was said by Doyle McManus, the L.A. Times Washington Bureau Chief who was actually in on these talks, I suspect that Jack Shafer is full of crap. Let’s review what McManus told the AP:

Treasury Department officials spent 90 minutes Thursday meeting with the newspaper’s reporters, stressing the legality of the program and urging the paper to not publish a story on the program, McManus said in a telephone interview.

“They were quite vigorous, they were quite energetic. They made a very strong case,” he said.

Anyone who has followed this story with any degree of interest was aware of this story and this quote from McManus. Evidently, following the story closely is not a requirement for one to spout off in Slate about it.

If the talks broke down, Mr. Shafer, it’s because the papers decided to substitute their judgment for that of the government. It’s just that simple.

But thanks for playing!

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