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Issuer of Toddler Death Threats Loses Job

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This is hardly shocking — I was telling Armed Liberal just this morning on the phone that I’d be shocked if she weren’t fired. Also, fairly predictably, she is blaming Goldstein and minimizing her own culpability.

The commenters aren’t letting her get away with it.

(Via Instapundit.)

P.S. I suspect you already know the background on this, but if not, it’s here.

In a post from yesterday, posted during one of his few moments of up-time, Goldstein discussed shopping for a gun as one of his “moments of unabashed pragmatism.” I think I’d move ahead with that, Jeff — and make sure you know how to use it, if you don’t already. Unhinged people don’t suddenly become rational when they lose their job and blame you for it.

UPDATE: Amazing. Liberal commenters on her blog are refusing to condemn her. You might think you’d see comments like this:

I am a leftist and disagree with Goldstein, but threatening a two-year-old child with violence is beyond despicable.

Instead, you have people clapping her on the back, like Liberal Avenger, who (with no hard evidence) concludes that she must be mentally ill, encourages her to unresign and talk to a mental health professional, and says:

Ignore the hypocritical wingnuts here who pretend as if what you did was some enormous crime against decency. It wasn’t.

There you have it. The face of the unhinged left, as clear as glass. According to Liberal Avenger, it is not an enormous crime against decency to threaten to shoot an innocent two-year-old child because you dislike his father’s politics.

Words fail me. What has happened to our politics that people will so willingly defend such vile actions?

UPDATE x2: A commenter points to one comment from a liberal (the first) condemning her. He claims there are others downthread, but it’s not immediately obvious to me that this is true. In any event, I’d like to see a lot more of those, and a lot fewer like those from the “Liberal Avenger.”

UPDATE x3: Frisch is now accusing Goldstein of taking his site offline deliberately:

Methinks Jeff took the site offline himself – it sure is convenient for him to be the only one with the raw data. I think. Can someone really knock out your site for DAYS?!?

Methinks this lady needs to stop digging already.

UPDATE x4: Jeff has asked me to pass along a message, which I am posting here.

73 Responses to “Issuer of Toddler Death Threats Loses Job”

  1. I sent an e-mail begging the department chair to tell me she was a TA or grad student but, on doing more research, I’m distressed to learn that she has been a professor. I’ve planned to send my daughter there when she finishes high school and now I find the faculty is a bunch of nuts.

    Mike K (0b762d)

  2. Approximately 15 years ago, long before my internet days, I had a student at our local college who was being stalked by a former boyfriend. His behavior was so threatening that she went to the police and, at my urging, hired an attorney to help her stop his stalking. As a result, the boyfriend began stalking me and, a few days later he gave me a detailed itinerary of our 6 year old son’s recent after school activities. The stalker had even joined a martial arts academy so he could be near our son.

    People who threaten children are dangerous and I’m glad Jeff Goldstein is taking this incident seriously.

    DRJ4 (d049e2)

  3. Patterico,

    She claims she resigned, but I’m not buying it. Judging from her character, I’m guessing she’s lied about the resignation to keep people from contacting UofA and to try to ride out the storm. Everyone should continue contacting UofA.

    John Ekdahl (1fe18c)

  4. Her behavior should open her up to criminal prosecution. We need new laws to go after such creatures, this is way beyond civil liability.

    Losing her job, losing some cash, simply not enough.

    She was seriously suggesting into the mind of a father, that he sexually molest his two year old little boy. As a psych professor, she KNOWS FULL WELL the harm done by mere suggestion. SHE REPEATEDLY, REPEATEDLY sought to implant within the father’s mind, sexual thoughts for his little boy.

    Just think about that one for half a second.

    In a healthier age, such a creature would be dragged by the hair of her head into a dusty street, and there horsewhipped to death.

    And John is right to be wary of her “resignation,” I’m not buying it either.

    It’s a perfect way for her to quell the story, without in any way OBLIGATING her to carry through on her “resignation.”

    WITHOUT an official statement and explanation from the University of Arizona itself, I’m inclined to think that the creature is still on the faculty.

    Dan (680615)

  5. Someone with the ability to make those types of comments would not go this quietly.

    Her apology to these comments wasn’t much of an apology at all. She chalked it up to going “over the line”. I’d say it was much worse than that.

    It’s available here:

    Also, she’s still on UofA’s faculty list:

    “Deborah Frisch” for those who don’t know.

    John Ekdahl (1fe18c)

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  7. Also, she’s still on UofA’s faculty list:

    Looks like they take saturdays off from updating their website.

    actus (6234ee)

  8. I’d take someone off my company’s website on Christmas Day if they publically threatened a 2-year old child. But hey, that’s just me.

    Love the sarcasm, btw.

    John Ekdahl (1fe18c)

  9. See the update. Liberal Avenger is defending her.

    I mean, I already knew he was a cretin. But the depths to which some of these people will sink continue to astound me.

    I bet actus can’t bring himself to write a simple comment unreservedly denouncing her behavior, without excuses, buts, or other equivocations.

    How about the rest of you lefty commenters here? Anyone care to step up to the plate and denounce threats to kill a two-year-old child??

    Patterico (50c3cd)

  10. […] UPDATE x2: Much more here. The woman has apparently been forced to resign. She blames Goldstein, of course. And some unhinged leftists are defending her! For example, the “Liberal Avenger” says that it is not “an enormous crime against decency” to threaten to shoot an innocent two-year-old child because you dislike his father’s politics. […]

    Patterico’s Pontifications » Blogger Threatens Jeff Goldstein’s Two-Year-Old Son (421107)

  11. I bet actus can’t bring himself to write a simple comment unreservedly denouncing her behavior, without excuses, buts, or other equivocations.

    Didn’t I say she seemed crazy? Thats not denouncing? let me spell it out for you: when sane people do things that are so wrong as to make us thing they’re crazy, that’s not a good thing.

    So the answer to “are you now or have you ever been a denouncer” is YES.

    actus (6234ee)

  12. Exactly as I thought. actus excuses her behavior by assuming that she is mentally ill.

    How do you know she isn’t just a complete and total cretin, actus?

    Patterico (50c3cd)

  13. Swing and a miss, actus

    John Ekdahl (1fe18c)

  14. I’m not a lefty anything, but I think Ms. Frisch is not all that a-typical of the haters that define the left these days. I doubt she is seriously dangerous (easy for me, a non-target, to say) but she certainly is stupid.

    What I found really odd about the whole incident is how she escalated and escalated and escalated, until she suddenly announced that she quit her job. Now that’s mania for you.

    Last week after I posted a comment on (scary) Larry Johnson ex-CIA-friend-of-Valerie-Plame’s blog, he emailed me and implied he “knew where I live”.

    Apparently this is what the left has going for them these days. Tis sad actually.

    Jane (5a66ce)

  15. actus excuses her behavior by assuming that she is mentally ill.

    I’m not assuming. I’m saying it appears that way. If she isn’t mentally ill, then its quite acondemnation to tell someone that their action is so wrongful as to make us think they’re crazy.

    Did you get that? I said it was wrongful. SO wrongful, in fact, that it makes me think she’s nuts. And if she’s not, it means she’s engaging in very wrongful behavior. So to repeat: “Are you know or have you ever been a condemmer?” Yes.

    actus (6234ee)

  16. Now that’s mania for you.

    Careful you don’t excuse her behavior.

    actus (6234ee)

  17. It is an unfortunate truth that many in academe have an attitude whereby if you fail to agree with them, it is not just a failure to agree,you,by virtue of your position, are evil. I have seen this in my own experience. It is difficult to understand how one achieves the highest of educations recognitions (the PhD) and yet, displays a dreadful lack of intellectual discipline.

    Harry Taft (210f96)

  18. Wow. You guys really must be getting to actus. He almost took a solid position on something.

    Jim Treacher (c3be1b)

  19. Uhh, the VERY FIRST comment on her blog is from a Liberal condemning her. And thereafter there are tons more.


    Mark Spittle (f1813a)

  20. A suggestion for the folks at Memeorandum. They should keep her post bumped to the top until Jeff is back online.

    Charles Bird (2370d4)

  21. Now she’s fudging on the resignation thing, claiming that (a) she only resigned because she was thinking of doing it anyway; and (b) that she has only tendered her resignatin, but that she will not know until early next week what action is to be taken by the university.

    SWLiP (654510)

  22. Uhh, the VERY FIRST comment on her blog is from a Liberal condemning her. And thereafter there are tons more.

    Perhaps. But as of this moment, I count only one (the first one you mentioned) from someone actually stating that they are a liberal. Could you point me to just a few of the “tons” more you say are there?

    Patterico (50c3cd)

  23. Yet one more nutcase in (leftist) academia (SAT PM UPDATE)…

    This time, the particular nutcase in question took out her hatred out on the cat’s meow of the blogosphere: Jeff Goldstein.
    The things this “academic” wrote to Jeff ranks in the top five for the nastiest, sickest BS I’ve ever …

    Sister Toldjah (1466f5)

  24. What a coincidence, Jeff gets DOSed right as she resigns. Gee, I wonder why? Looks like the lefty assault parade just keeps marching…

    It is nice to see the sane lefties condemning this.

    TallDave (e15e0b)

  25. Patterico,
    Liberalavenger is a moonbat nut, best left ignored (like society does, as a whole).

    RW (8cbd23)

  26. Patterico:
    She is editing her comment posts. There may have been lots of liberals denouncing her, we’ll never know. I say the posts were edited because mine never showed up. And I sent a nicely-worded rational comment, too. Not a screed.

    Bill Schumm (33ab73)

  27. Deb: “When and if protein wisdom comes on line again, it will be hard to tell what Jeff added or deleted to the transcript.”

    When and if? Seems like an odd statement….

    Hard to tell what Jeff added or deleted? Wow…

    John Ekdahl (1fe18c)

  28. I posted this:


    You dug a hole you cannot climb out from. It does not matter whether you were unhappy, combative, drunk or simply going to exremes to make debating points. You went far beyond the pale. We cannot afford to guess as to the motivation of an apple with a razorblade in it and that is what you portrayed yourself to be. Just like an apple with a razorblade in it a sane society will consider you too dangerous to be allowed to exist in a wise whereby you could do harm. Whether or not you have lost your job, you must be confined in either a prison or a mental hospital for what you did.”

    Let’s see how long it stays up. It was on her “Clarification” thread not her “White Flag” thread. (As a lawyer, I’m disappointed by her “confession”. She is just digging herself in deeper.)

    nk (d5dd10)

  29. […] Updated update! Guess I ought to toss in a link to the moonbat’s vomitous spew — wherein she actually threatened Jeff’s 2 year old child, with perfectly typical Lefty “courage” and strength of character — so you can see for yourselves. Malkin has some of it; read it and recoil in disgust from the face of today’s Left, in all its brigandish putrescence. For some reason, Patterico finds the liberal closing of ranks behind their deranged kindred shocking: Amazing. Liberal commenters on her blog are refusing to condemn her. You might think you’d see comments like this: […]

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  30. Well, I just read this story about 5 minutes ago from following the links at Memorandum. Her comments are indeed creepy and indefensible.

    I expect that the reason you don’t see “liberals” denouncing her is primarily because they don’t know who she is. I certainly never would of if I hadn’t happened to visit Memorandum – a site which I don’t go to all that often.

    As Captain Quarter’s noted, there are assholes across the political spectrum. I don’t expect anyone to be answerable for that, other than anyone who endorses it.

    Just like I don’t expect ayone here, other than the person who said it, to be accountable for this statement, which seems a tad extreme, to say the least:

    “In a healthier age, such a creature would be dragged by the hair of her head into a dusty street, and there horsewhipped to death.”

    Hume's Ghost (88a930)

  31. The Least of These…

    Often, I think Dante was right, specifically regarding the lines in the Inferno in which he describes a resident of Hell who was so evil in life that his soul dropped down to the Underworld before he dies, allowing a…

    baldilocks (72c8fd)

  32. I dunno, I see plenty of comments chastising this woman that appear to be written by Liberals. But, yes, you’re right. Only a handful are formally labeled as such. Forgive me my assumptions.

    But since we’re all about the outrage of bloggers going against their enemies’ kids, how about the conservative blogger (Dennis Kosinski) who recently wrote:

    Go hunt them down and do America a favor. Get their photo, street address, where their kids go to school, anything you can dig up, and send it to the link above. This is your chance to be famous – grab for the golden ring

    There are loonies on both sides.

    Mark Spittle (f1813a)

  33. I thought you could read, Patterico. You seem to have ignored my [this time] explicit condemnation of what she did – the fact that it was wrong, stupid, indicative of mental illness, etc.

    A crazy person getting into a car and assaulting a two-year old because of his father’s politics is a crime against decency.

    A crazy person idly talking about it in blog comments isn’t.

    Come on, Patterico. You’re a grownup. If her comment had been on your site directed at your kid, would you really lose any sleep over it?

    Crazy, shrill, strident bloggers use over-the-top rhetoric and empty threats all of the time. Only fools allow themselves to get worked up into a tizzy over it/them.

    The Liberal Avenger (5f0af6)

  34. If you were intellectually honest, Patterico, you would have quoted my entire comment:

    I was under the impression that you were/are suffering from some sort of mental illness in making those comments. If that is the case, seek help – but don’t resign from your job. You needn’t lose your job because of this.

    You have apologized. You have made it clear that your intent was never to cause anyone real harm (as if Jeff Goldstein or anybody else ever thought for a moment that anyone was in actual danger…)

    1. Call your boss and tell him that you are un-resigning
    2. See a mental health professional if you aren’t seeing one already
    3. Ignore the hypocritical wingnuts here who pretend as if what you did was some enormous crime against decency. It wasn’t. What you did was stupid and misguided. Conservative bloggers are masters at being stupid and misguided.

    Hardly a “patting on the back” or failure to condemn.

    The Liberal Avenger (5f0af6)

  35. I’m no expert on what the University of Arizona’s code of ethics says, but I’m betting her actions are grounds for dismissal.

    If threatening to kill a two-year old child is not a crime against decency, I don’t know what is….

    John Ekdahl (1fe18c)

  36. Liberal Avenger comment #32, did you actually write:

    “You’re a grownup. If her comment had been on your site directed at your kid, would you really lose any sleep over it?”

    Obviously, you don’t have kids. Also as a liberal, you consider kids an inconvenience and a punishment for having sex. If somebody said that about my kids the only thing that would make me call the police instead of me, myself, tracking them down and killing them in the most painful way possible, will be that I do not want my kids growing up without a father (I would be in prison or death row). Your comments here have really been disgusting.

    nk (2e1372)

  37. Yes, nk – I have kids. And yes – I have had empty threats made against my family and me in the past.

    As a liberal, I must have developed a skill set that is missing with you and Patterico, et al, and that is the ability to differentiate between genuine and idle threats – just like I knew that the “smoking gun in the form of a mushroom cloud” was bullshit.

    The Liberal Avenger (5f0af6)

  38. […] Patterico has background on this issue and updates from Jeff. […]

    chez Diva » Blog Archive » Being Deb Frisch (f29c6c)

  39. If you were intellectually honest, Patterico, you would have quoted my entire comment . . .

    It is not dishonest to fail to quote an entire comment when you do what I did and 1) provide a link to where the comment appears and 2) accurately described the parts you don’t quote. I noted that you “conclude[d] that she must be mentally ill” and that you “encourage[d] her to unresign and talk to a mental health professional.” My description was perfectly fair.

    And you may feel you have the magic clue to distinguish between people who will carry out a threat and people who don’t. I see criminals every day, and I can’t conclude based on what I have read that this woman isn’t dangerous. I would assume she is — and I would always take a threat against my children very, very seriously.

    Patterico (50c3cd)

  40. Liberal Avenger–

    I had a front row seat for the entire DEBacle, and I can say that while I am one of those who harbors a bit of compassion for her, by virtue of the fact that I believe she is certifiably insane, she has gone far beyond any remote bounds of decency. She was deliberately attempting to get herself TOSed from Jeff’s site, but when she started making only somewhat veiled threats against his child, her right to free speech ceased. And yet she carried on (I’m not sure whether or not there’s some kind of Moonbat merit badge that would have attached to that, but I envision an image of the moon, with a bat superimposed over it, with a circle and X).

    I was there in real time, and studied her comments with the too objective fascination of the android scientist from Alien, I’m afraid. I compared her to an exhibit from Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, and I don’t think that’s much of a stretch. I watched things go from bemusement to abuse to outright horror, and given Jeff’s peculiar gift for attracting virulent trolls, that’s saying something.

    And in this one particular instance, I think, Patterico, that you’re being a bit harsh on actus, though I hate to say it. I disagree with him almost always when he posts on Jeff’s site, but he’s never, ever come close to this kind of behavior, and if it isn’t because when you get right down to the bottom of it that he’s got a sense of decency, then it’s because he’s not batshit crazy.

    Finally, I think that Deb’s best defense is going to be to acknowledge that she’s got a problem and seek help. She says to Jeff, “You win”? What the eph does Jeff win from this? Otherwise, since I was there, and watched the whole thing develop and then crater (kind of reminded me of Othello that way), her only defense will have to be that Jeff ought to have banned her earlier–because apparently his site represents a kind of attractive nuisance to nutjob trolls. But I’m not a lawyer, so if Patterico wants to speak to this, I’m all ears.

    Dan Collins (2656a4)

  41. Liberal Avenger,

    Being such a tough guy, I wonder why you described Michelle Malkin’s husband as having savagely beat someone when all he had done is grab the person’s arm.

    You’re despicable and dishonest scum.

    In my humble opinion, of course.

    Patterico (50c3cd)

  42. Also, was the ‘dillo okay, after it defrosted? At least she didn’t make any ‘dillo threats that I saw. Inquiring minds want to know.

    Dan Collins (2656a4)

  43. Liberal Avenger, Comment #36:

    I take you at your word in all that you wrote in that comment and in rebuttal respectfully submit not that you “have developed a skill” (nor that you do not love your kids) but rather that you have lost your sense of survival. [Oh, come on, let your Hobbesian instincts loose. Admit that you want this lady in a padded cell.]

    nk (2e1372)

  44. I defended LA on the older article, noting that his statement she was insane, based on one action, was sufficient to cover any lack of explicit condemnation. Being a bit more familiar with LA and his site than some here (I’m one of his conservative trolls), I can tell you that he doesn’t like threats against kids — and yes, I knew he had kids before he wrote that here.

    But my friend LA has started to dig a hole for himself. He has a tendency (one not limited to just the libs) to defend a weak position or poorly stated argument when it involves his side, rather than either concede (a difficult thing to do) or simply drop out of the conversation before doing any more damage. He found himself in a hole, and he tried to dig himself out. His current “defense” is that the threat wasn’t credible, and that is probably true, but it isn’t a defense at all.

    Dana (1d5902)

  45. If there is one thing I have learned in my job, it’s that you never know. People sometimes figure a threat is idle and then end up dead.

    Patterico (50c3cd)

  46. I too was reading the thread. Southwestpaw reminded me a little of North Korea–jumping up and down for attention, being ignored, setting off a missile, and then wanting to negotiate.

    I truly don’t recall Jeff’s insulting her, nor, actually, the other posters. There was notexcuse–none–to make the comments about the child. One such remark would have been tasteless; to continue with them is sociopathic.

    goddessoftheclassroom (769a73)

  47. Just visited Deb’s site, and checked her site meter. She had been averaging 406 visits per day, and 40,253 total visitors, ever. Ad has had 24,756 visits today! Put another way, 61½% of her total visits came today, and you know it was behind this stupid junk.

    Dana (1d5902)

  48. nk:

    Yes – I genuinely think that she has mental health issues. I would like to see her in therapy – perhaps not a “padded cell,” but medicated and counseled.

    Jeff Goldstein is a nice guy and didn’t deserve any of this.

    I don’t think, however, that the type of behavior that this person is exhibiting merits the derailment of her career.

    What happened to compassion, understanding and forgiveness?

    I’m a liberal-atheist and I seem to be more comfortable with Christ’s teachings than some of you people.

    The Liberal Avenger (5f0af6)

  49. Not very surprising, Deborah Frisch wrote an article defending Ward Churchill. Check it out here:

    Greg Welcing (f090fc)

  50. Greg, thanks for that one.

    I notice that the lovely Dr Frisch’s blog is called South (West) Paw. We all know that southpaw means a lefty!

    Dana (1d5902)

  51. I really do think mental illness might be this lady’s problem. A rational adult (a professor no less) simply should not write like that.

    JeremyR (ef009a)

  52. I haven’t read all the comments here, so I may be repeating an earlier observation. Please note that Ms. Frisch is an Adjunct holding the rank of Instructor in her department. That means that she does not hold tenure and is not in a tenure-track position; most likely she “only” teaches undergraduates. She serves at the pleasure of the department head. As a member of the academy (different university), a word of advice for this or any similar circumstance involving faculty of any college or university: Direct your comments to the head of the department and let the department head know that have written or intend to write to a higher level administrator. For what it’s worth, as one member of the academy, Ms. Frisch’s actions put her beyond the pale, she should not be retained in her position.

    Steve (b69995)

  53. She is totally unrepentenant. Since her, announcing her resignation, she has posted three more:,,, each one snarkier and more mocking of “rightwingnuts” in tone. I think she is enjoying this. I also agree that she thinks she can ride this out and go back to rooting in the public university trough, whether in Arizona or Oregon. And there is, after all, a vacancy at University of Colorado.

    nk (54c569)

  54. Liberal Avenger, you and I agree on several points here. We agree that there’s a huge difference between strident, over the top rhetoric and a genuine threat.

    We also agree that Debbie Frisch is mentally ill.

    But I think that a threat by a mentally ill person should be taken seriously.

    Richard R (cd99f7)

  55. “As a liberal, I must have developed a skill set that is missing with you and Patterico, et al, and that is the ability to differentiate between genuine and idle threats”

    TOO FUNNY. Yes: Patrick, like myself, being prosecutors, simply does not understand how to interpret threats of physical violence.


    Federal Dog (9afd6c)

  56. Crazy, shrill, strident bloggers use over-the-top rhetoric and empty threats all of the time. Only fools allow themselves to get worked up into a tizzy over it/them.

    Unless, of course, you see a chance to blame it on Michelle Malkin.

    Jim Treacher (c3be1b)

  57. Meet Deborah Frisch, aka Professor Cyberstalker…

    Protein Wisdom was recently attacked by a most alarming cybertroll, who turned out to be a professor at the Arizona university, Deborah Frisch, who also maintain her own blog and has quite a record of stalking other people’s blogs as well. And the me….

    Tel-Chai Nation (59ce3a)

  58. […] Alas, there are far too many members of the “nutroots” speaking in this matter to need to worry about whether “silence implies consent”. […]

    Strangely Silent: De Doc`s Ventures » Blog Archive » Turnabout… (48930a)

  59. […] Patterico has been all over this one, with stories here, here, here, here and here. And Powerline, which gets more visitors than God, put forth a very minor statement — but a minor reference on Powerline gets you a lot of attention! […]

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  60. That’s just like you cons. You can’t stand an honest debate, so you attack attack attack! So she threatened his kid. No need to beat her over the head with it. Didn’t Jesus say you’re supposed to forgive and forget? Apparently, that’s something you all have forgotten in your blind hatred. Too bad a kind, decent human being with a personality disorder and a severe yeast infection had to lose her job because of it.

    Shame on you all!

    Liberal Larry (e81efc)

  61. […] I haven’t written anything about the insane-acting psychology professor-slash-blogger who wrote several threatening comments to Jeff Goldstein and his young son, his pushback that cost the professor her job, and the subsequent DoS attacks that have taken his site down. It’s not for lack of interest. I’ve been following the story thanks mostly to posts from Patterico (here and here, then keep going) and Allah’s Hot air post. […]

    The Sundries Shack (0542f4)

  62. […] Frisch was hoisted by her own petard over the weekend for some serious moonbattery that bordered on criminal threats to a conservative blogger’s 2-year old kid. I’ve been following this mind-boggling story over at Patterico and haven’t posted on it as yet as Jeff Goldstein’s blog, Protein Wisdom has been down for days due to a series of DDoS attacks — and is still down as I write this — so I haven’t seen the original post and Frisch’s disgusting comments on Jeff’s blog for myself. I trust Malkin though, so here is just a taste of Deborah’s unrestrained bitterness that Michelle posted Saturday — keep in mind that this woman is was a psychology professor at a state University. “[…] as I said elsewhere, if I woke up tomorrow and learned that someone else had shot you and your “tyke” it wouldn’t slow me down one iota. You aren’t “human” to me.” […]

    OKIE on the LAM » On Moonbat Patrol — 24/7/365 (e2cef7)

  63. Followed some links from Michelle Malkin’s website to here.

    Above you quote Deb as saying:
    “[…] as I said elsewhere, if I woke up tomorrow and learned that someone else had shot you and your tyke it wouldnt slow me down one iota.”

    Then, I followed some links from here to a thread on the ProteinWisdom website were I saw this comment.

    “We’re pragmatists, Deb. I think if push came to shove, we’d rather just shoot you, then watch a “700 Club” marathon and enjoy some honeybaked ham.

    Posted by Jeff Goldstein | permalink
    on 07/06 at 10:14 PM”

    Now, I’ve haven’t read everything there is to read about this, and don’t think either of these is a murder threat. However, if I was forced to vote on which of these quotes was an actual, genuine, murder threat, Jeff Goldstein (ProteinWisdom?) would be doing some prison time.

    Don (169e43)

  64. That was disgusting, but it was not a death threat — please cut the bullshit.

    If you do consider saying that she’d rejoice in hearing of the kid’s death to be a death threat, what’s your take on this tid-bit by Thomas (admin of RedState, one of the biggest conservative blogs, not some obscure unknown nobody like this woman):

    “I repeat: Should the entire American Left fall over dead tomorrow, I would rejoice, and order pizza to celebrate. They are not my countrymen; they are animals who happen to walk upright and make noises that approximate speech. They are below human. I look forward to seeing each and every one in Hell.”

    By you standards of what is an expression of murderous intentions, isn’t Thomas in on par with Hitler and Stalin?

    This stuff is the regular fare in mainstream conservative blogs — those with the largest audiences. On the liberal side you’ll only hear it from people on the fringes that nobody reads (and thank God for that).

    mike (9610fb)

  65. […] But what’s so very confounding is that of all the countless right-wing bloggers who spent the weekend so very horrified about the comments of that influential political leader of liberalism, Deb Frisch, or who lamented that she wasn’t condemned aggressively enough for her idiotic comments to Jeff Goldstein, none of them has condemned these calls by their fellow prominent right-wing blogger for American journalists and Supreme Court justices to be hung by trees until their necks snap (indeed, one of the right-wing bloggers joining in the weekend sermons against this mean Deb Frisch rhetoric was that Beacon of Right-wing propriety, Misha himself). […]

    Sadly, No! » Kid’s Korner! (Solve the Perplexing Puzzles!) (d83a19)

  66. I have condemned the comments of Ms. Frisch. I wonder how many Conservative Commentators are going to condemn Ann Coulter’s latest article in which she calls for the death of New York Time’s editors and reporters.

    Very few, I would gather.

    The popularity of Ann Coulter makes it clear what Conservatives will do to liberals if they get the opportunity.

    Bryant (e87745)

  67. […] OK, time to recap. On the one hand, we have a psych(o) professor leveling threats against somebody’s toddler. On the other, we have one blogger prone to overheated rhetoric, plus three commenters on that same blog whose combined notoriety pales in comparison to Frisch’s. From this, we’re supposed to infer some sort of pattern, I guess. But what’s so very confounding is that of all the countless right-wing bloggers who spent the weekend so very horrified […]

    damnum absque injuria » Weekend Doucheblogging (38c04c)

  68. […] Serial Troll Frisch finally went too far in her obession with pederasty and wishing nasty death on people…in this case Protein Wisdom.  A few of The Big Guys pointed out her nonsense, frowned at the DNS attack on PW and basically laughed at her. Self immolating Moonbats is a fairly regular occurance.  BDS is a terrible thing […] » Blog Archive » The Glenn Greenwald Postmortum (bcb8b9)

  69. […] Step 3: Blame the other party for manufacturing the whole thing and doctoring the evidence of your threats. […]

    Metaphorical Suicide By Blog at Amateur Megalomania (61d79e)

  70. […] Step 3: Blame the other party for manufacturing the whole thing and doctoring the evidence of your threats. […]

    Amateur Megalomania » Metaphorical Suicide By Blog (61d79e)

  71. Wow. Just…wow.

    My calculator melted just adding up all the straw men, bait-&-switches, ad hominems, and non sequiturs in the comments here. Perhaps we can agree to change the tone? Not our beliefs. Not principles. Not minds. Just…the tone. Otherwise we’re doomed to communicate using puppetry and mime. And that won’t do. Because mimes suck. In any case, here’s the type of things I noticed:

    – “Some left wingers” is not equal to “all left wingers”. One feather does not a wing make. Coulter is not *the* right. Kos is not *the* left. And Frisch is, well, sadly, Frisch.

    – All left wingers are not expected to know of, care about, or feel compelled to comment on every post, on every blog. Ditto right wing.

    – If a winger does comment, the comment must be based on consistent criteria. That is, use consistent criteria and apply ’em consistently.

    – I like “fuck you” as much as any of you but, alas, it wears. Especially when used as a fatwa. So I limit my use to 1) road rage incidents, or 2) occassions where it is preceded by “I would really like to…” followed by “Your place or mine?”

    – Both wings harbor people of good will. Many possess adequate motor skills. Some possess wit and/or writing skils. A small number are trolls, assholes, cunts, pricks, provocateurs, cretins or fools. Everyone thinks they’re in the good-will group. Everyone is wrong.

    – “They started it” is not an argument. Pre-schoolers use it when Mom catches them doing shit.

    – “They do it too” is not an argument. Everbody that has ever been caught doing shit has used this when someone else got away with doing the same shit. Cretins use this one. A lot.

    – “They do it more” is not an argument. It’s shit. Using it insults the intelligence of all those unfortunate enough to have heard the shit. Cretins are big fans of this one. Go figure.

    – “This is equal to that, and you did that, so…” is not an argument. OK, it actually is an argument, so sue me. It’s powerful if properly used. Logical, even. Perhaps even true. The trick lies in determining whether the simile holds up. Not everyone will agree that it holds up. They don’t want to. That’s why its a trick. Lots of people use this, and they use it often. Many of them are cretins.

    – Legal is one thing, morally acceptable another. If you go with legal (actionable, prosecuteable, etc.) as your foundation for argument, cool. But stay there, no changing in mid-argument. Ditto for the fans of moral acceptability.

    – The “Freedom of Speech” trump. Mostly used when rhetorical defeat is imminent. Variant of the “Silence me and the terrorists win” classic. Effective; but players of this card risk future calls of bullshit. Thin ice.

    – Incomprehensible behavior might indicate insanity. Or evil. If you think you’re sufficiently informed to choose, you’re probably wrong. My own default? Evil. That one provides more litigation and law enforcement tools than the alternative, in my opinion. Ambulance chasers and shrinks can sort it out once the behavior is restrained. But your mileage may vary.

    Done. Thanks for playing.

    Oh. If you’re scoring at home, Frau Frisch came out as EVIL. And DANGEROUS. She’s a psychologist, a troll, and a serial liar. She has worked at a massively-funded, quasi-governmental enity, instructed students, and think-tanked for Homeland Security on risk analysis. She has given classes to the FBI. On terrorism. On decision-making. With a security clearance.

    So Goldstein should simply ignore her? Ban her? Dude, get over it, move on?. Fageddaboutit?


    Mikey (1d7212)

  72. […] using Patterico’s criteria we must take all of these threats as dire, which makes them as dastardly and worthy of condemnation […]

    Come And See The Violence Inherent In The System! (38c333)

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