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Get Day by Day on Your Cell Phone

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Chris Muir tells me that Day by Day is now available on your cell phone. The press release is in the extended entry. (Funny, you’d never guess it’s a press release from the way it’s written!)


A Note on Comments and Internet Nastiness

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One Fine Jay, the computer wizard who has helped with with many technical issues in the past, has a post today titled Strange software behavior does not a liar make. It addresses some of the wonky stuff many of you have seen on this site in recent days. I hope Jay doesn’t mind if I simply quote it in its entirety:


Meanwhile, in the Real World

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Everything is going to hell in the Middle East.

Train bombs are going off in India.

Clint Taylor has this report.

P.S. It bears the unfortunate title “India’s 7/11.” But don’t blame Clint for the title. He didn’t write it. Joe Biden did.

P.P.S. I condemn everything. It’s safer that way.

Two Unrelated Thoughts That Are Actually Quite Related

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First, Ace of Spades:


From: Karl “Ace of Spades” Rove

To: The Dextrosphere

Re: Your apparent mental retardation

Stop linking the foaming, insipid Glenn Greenwald.

. . . .

Not even Glenn Greenwald knows who the fuck Glenn Greenwald is. The other day, he was buying some batteries at Radio Shack, and, per their procedures, they asked him his name. “I have no idea who I am,” he’s reported to have said.

. . . .

I swear to Satan All Mighty, if one of you drooling imbeciles knee-jerkedly links to this no-talent no-account nobody again, I’m going to send Dick Cheney after you dressed in his “Gimp” outfit and a hunting cap.

Good points all — and there’s much more at the link.

Second, a quote from an excellent movie I just finished watching tonight: “American History X.” If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. Here’s a memorable quote that sums up the moral:

Hate is baggage. Life’s too short to be pissed off all the time. It’s just not worth it.

Those are the two unrelated thoughts. Ace’s and the movie’s.

Now. Here’s the synthesis of Ace’s point and the movie’s point.

I hate utter dishonesty. But my hate is baggage. It pisses me off and upsets me. It gets my blood pressure up.

If some people are actually paying attention to the utter dishonesty — like if it is coming from a large media organ like the Los Angeles Times that people actually pay attention to — maybe getting pissed off now and then is worth it.

For the public good.

If some random dishonest leftist douchebag is dishonest — it’s not worth it to get upset over.

[Said to self, with head bowed, eyes clenched shut, and forehead furrowed with concentration:] End the Glenn Greenwald posts, Patterico. End them. Yes, he’s a liar. Yes, he’s a putz. But he’s also not worth your time.

Life’s too short to be pissed off all the time. It’s just not worth it.

Serenity now.

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