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In Which I Condemn Glenn Greenwald for Failing to Condemn Some Stuff

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I have a screenshot of that Sadly, No! online store with the T-shirts advocating the murder of conservatives — the one Glenn Greenwald failed to condemn. But before we get to the screenshot, let’s recap, for humor purposes.

Recall Glenn Greenwald from the other day. He quotes Misha, an over-the-top conservative blogger with a well-known schtick of saying outrageous things, as saying the following:

Five ropes, five robes, five trees.

Some assembly required.

Greenwald condemns this in no uncertain terms:

He’s advocating that the five Supreme Court Justices in the Hamdan majority be hanged from the neck until they’re dead. His homicidal formulation is a play on the more standard call of the Right for American journalists to be hanged — “Journalists. Rope. Tree. Some assembly required” — another death call which, it just so happens, Misha also issued just a few days ago.

He next refers to Misha’s nutcase ravings as “deranged pleas that journalists and Supreme Court Justices be murdered.


The very first two links in Greenwald’s post are to a web site called Sadly, No! — a web site that, until today, sold items with the slogan: “Rope. Tree. Conservative. Some assembly required.”

I think it’s time for that screenshot:


That’s a close-up of the image, taken by Confederate Yankee from the Sadly, No! archives. Here is a screenshot of that slogan on various forms of merchandise being sold at a Sadly, No! online store:

Sadly, Violent!3.JPG

(There’s also an item with a nude picture of Jeff Gannon. Such pictures are another staple of the sober left that Glenn Greenwald likes to associate with.)

Until today, when I first pointed it out, this store was linked at Sadly, No! and the above items were for sale. I have these screenshots because Sadly, No!’s Gavin M. has been doing some obfuscating about the merchandise — including trying to hide it from your view. Details on that in the extended entry.)

My commenter LoafingOaf said it pretty well:

So let me get this straight. Greenwald was writing 10,000 word posts last week condemning something and one of the sites he linked to in support of this condemnation was selling t-shirts with the exact same joke (except with the word “conservative”) as Greenwald was condemning?

Douchebag is right.

Hey, he said it, not me. I condemn it!

P.S. Does Greenwald have an obligation to denounce Sadly, No!? I don’t think so, personally — but he sure ripped into some conservatives for not denouncing Misha, even though many of us 1) had not claimed that the left’s silence on Deb Frisch was assent; and 2) had vociferously denounced actual vile rhetoric coming from Ann Coulter and others.

To decide whether Greenwald has such an obligation, let’s consult well-known Greenwald sycophant Mona, who says in comments to this Q&O post:

And really finally, Greenwald DOES NOT THINK any blogger actually has an obligation to denounce other bloggers on their “side,” and that only bloggers who have promoted someone who is filthy, or becomes so, arguably incur any such obligation.

As I noted earlier today, Greenwald has linked Sadly, No! three times in recent days. Sounds like he’s promoting them. I guess, according to Mona, he’d better get busy denouncing.

I look forward to Greenwald’s ever-so-civil response — such as his civil responses on my blog in recent days, wherein he called me a “liar,” “obsessive,” “hypocritical,” “hysterical,” “petulant,” and “shrieking.” And that was in just one comment (albeit one of which he was so proud that he posted it in five completely separate places).

More on the interesting evolution of the Sadly, No! online store in the extended entry.


Leftist Blogger Notes Comparisons of Glenn Greenwald to a “Douche”

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The Poorman looks at Xrlq’s fisking of Glenn Greenwald, and pulls out the following quotes for our condemnation:

Biggest Douche in the Blogosphere […]
Glenn is a douche […]
Greenwald gets a hell of a lot more traction than your average douche does […]
1. Glenn Greenwald is the biggest douche in the blogosphere.
2. Glenn Greenwald is the biggest douche in the blogosphere.
3. Glenn Greenwald is the biggest douche in the blogosphere. […]
the überdouche […]
Calling an überdouche like Greenwald a mere “douche” is a bit like calling Bill Gates just another businessman or Babe Ruth just another baseball player. Greenwald is not just a garden variety douche; he’s the Biggest Douche in the Blogosphere, the John Edward of blogdom.

I condemn it, really, I do. But I can’t help but chuckle as I condemn.

P.S. I once noticed that when I stuck the term “Patterico” into Technorati I got sponsored links for sock puppets — and for a subscription to the L.A. Times. I wonder how long it’s going to be before a Technorati search for “Glenn Greenwald” contains sponsored links for douches.

I Condemn It All

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Many serious leftists have arrived at the Sadly, No! web site through favorable links supplied by a serious and well-respected Constitutional lawyer named Glenn Greenwald. Ace is going to kill me for this, but I’ll provide you the links. There’s this one, which provides a Sadly, No! link as documentation of the right’s “juvenile name-calling,” and this one, which provides two Sadly, No! links as evidence of the “vile, deranged and psychosexually disturbed commentary” of Jeff Goldstein.

If you go to the Sadly, No! main page, there are four buttons at the top. One says “Store.” If you click on it, you get to a Cafe Press store (UPDATE: link broken; try this) with some items for sale bearing the logo:




Some Assembly Required.

The words are printed over a noose. You can purchase the coffee mug, the teddy bear, or any of various items of clothing.

There is, of course, no need for serious Constitutional lawyer Glenn Greenwald to condemn these items. They are, of course, a highly clever satire of the recent unutterably vile and murderous comments by Misha at the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler site.

Confederate Yankee e-mails to say he has created his own T-Shirt:




Some Assembly Required.

This is disgusting, vile hate speech. I would condemn Confederate Yankee, but luckily I have already pre-condemned everything, making condemnation unnecessary.

UPDATE: Sadly, No! has hidden the evidence and replaced it with pie threats against me. Guys, with deceptive behavior like this, you’re seriously risking the reputation of key Greenwald source “Retardo.”

UPDATE x2: Actually, the evidence isn’t hidden, despite Sadly, No!’s best efforts. Turns out I was able to secure a screenshot of Sadly, No!’s “Kill the Conservatives!” T-shirts and other memorabilia.

This, together with an examination of the various false statements Sadly, No! made about their online Death Store, may be worth a separate post.

Sadly, Pwned!

UPDATE x3: There is a nice Google cache of the store, making a screenshot rather unnecessary. I guess that — like me and many of my commenters — the Googlebot was able to make it to the Death Store, even if Gavin M. of Sadly, No! (supposedly) couldn’t.

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