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Disgusting Comments About Child Molestation Confirmed from Deb Frisch’s IP Address

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Don’t miss the IMPORTANT UPDATE at the top of this morning’s post about those disgusting comments regarding Jeff Goldstein’s family.

I have confirmed that the comments were left from Deb Frisch’s IP address.

P.S. In my e-mail, I told Frisch:

I’ll take a little chance here. If you respond to this and tell me that you deny making those comments, I’ll print your denial on my site. I’ll simply cut and paste whatever you write. If you do deny making the comments, it’s only fair for my readers to hear that.

Frisch told me in her response e-mail (among other things): “I have other plans, with real live humans, tonight and can’t get back to you.” So I haven’t posted her e-mail, since it isn’t really a response to the allegations. I can say that, in the e-mail, she neither admits nor denies making the comments. Instead, she claims that she is getting a lawyer.

Strange Comments from Eugene, Oregon (UPDATE: From Deb Frisch’s IP Address)

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[IMPORTANT UPDATE: I have established that the comments discussed in this thread, and shown in the screenshots below, came from Frisch’s IP address. I e-mailed her for an explanation of the comments, and the header on the return e-mail shows it came from IP address — the same Qwest IP address from Eugene, Oregon that was used to leave the despicable comments below. — Patterico]

[IMPORTANT UPDATE x2: Frisch has essentially admitted making some of the comments, in a comment she tried to leave on my site. Details here. (If you’re unfamiliar with this story, the recent background is here, and a fuller background is here.)]

A comment on Ace’s site tonight:

[LANGUAGE WARNING: I’m placing the rest in the extended entry]


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