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(See Dubya) Sodablogging V: Vault Zero Review

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(A post by See-Dubya)

I tried a Vault Zero at a gas station today—curiousity got the better of me. Silky mouthfeel, subtle effervescence, flavors of oak, honeydew melon, bacon…

Okay, I’m kidding. It was like Fresca with twice the saccharine and twice the bitter aftertaste, and twice the caffeine. It’s not Pepsi Blue (aka Windex) bad, but I do not recommend it at all. If you like this sort of thing just get a two-liter of Collins Mix at Safeway. Citrusy, refreshing, not nearly as bitter.

Nonetheless Vault seems to have its own fansite. Who spends that much time writing about soda pop on the internet?

Previous sodablogging here, here (by XRLQ), here, and, um, here…yeah…never mind.

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Get that Camera Out of Here!

Filed under: Humor — Patterico @ 3:30 pm

Jim Treacher condemns the invasion of Val and Joe’s privacy. He has pictures and dialogue balloons.

UPDATE: WuzzaDem has more.

Xrlq’s Grand Fisking

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Xrlq has a grand fisking of Greenwald’s “failure to condemn” post, here.

It is absolutely thorough, and makes several points I hadn’t previously noticed. For one thing, Xrlq clicked all the links in Greenwald’s post, to see if they are fairly described. His findings are eye-opening.

I don’t really feel like hosting comments on his fisking, and Xrlq has his own comments section. I suggest you take your comments to Xrlq’s post.

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