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Quiz: Who Appointed this Judge?

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A Los Angeles Times headline reads:

A veteran judge will rule on the legality of the NSA’s warrantless anti-terror surveillance. Greenpeace is among the petitioners.

A veteran judge! That sounds like quite a compliment — as if the paper thinks this is really a great judge! So I’ll give you one guess as to which President appointed the judge. Hint: I guessed easily.

Answer below the fold.


Xrlq Replies to the “Doucheosphere”

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Xrlq has a summary of the reaction of the “doucheosphere” to his recent post, which exposed serial dishonesty by a blogger commonly compared to a female hygiene product. Like last time, please take your comments to Xrlq’s.

L.A. Times on Pretextual Israeli Offensives

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A front-page article in the L.A. Times says:

JERUSALEM What began as a pair of hasty military incursions aimed at getting back captured Israeli soldiers has evolved with breathtaking swiftness into a full-blown campaign by Israel against two of its bitterest enemies, the Islamist groups Hezbollah and Hamas.

Surprised twice by small-scale border raids less than three weeks apart, Israeli leaders have made a deliberate policy decision to seize the opportunity — some call it a pretext — to mount simultaneous large-scale offensives. The goal of each operation is to smash a guerrilla organization that is also deeply entrenched in the business of governance.

One guess as to how the author of the piece feels about the Israeli operations.

[IRONY ALERT:] You know, maybe Mossad agents kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit themselves! After all, I guarantee you “some” say that, too.

UPDATE: Also, don’t miss the first sentence of the lead article today, which calls Israel’s fight against Hezbollah a “blood feud.”

Imagine someone using that term to describe our battle against Al Qaeda.

Moral equivalence: you just gotta love it.

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