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Baquet on Using the L.A. Times to “Push Back” Against Blogger Critics

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I read something disturbing last night about the way the editor of the L.A. Times views criticism of his newspaper. Apparently, editor Dean Baquet sees criticism as something to “push back” against.

And, he may be planning to use the pages of the printed newspaper itself to “push back” against the paper’s blogger critics — including, very possibly, myself. [UPDATE: The “pushback” against Times critic Hugh Hewitt has already begun — see UPDATE below.]

Here are the details:


Listen to My Pundit Review Radio Appearance

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If you’re interested in hearing my recent appearance on Pundit Review Radio on WRKO in Boston, you can listen to the entire program by going here.

My favorite part was caller Andy, who comes on at 23:32. He tried to make the argument that the New York Times didn’t reveal anything new in its article on the Swift terrorist finance tracking program. You be the judge of how successfully he made that point.

Again, my thanks to the Pundit Review guys for the opportunity.

Blogger Threatens Jeff Goldstein’s Two-Year-Old Son

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Dear God.

Some blogger — a psychology professor, no less — has made threatening comments about Jeff Goldstein’s son. Just to take one example:

[…] as I said elsewhere, if I woke up tomorrow and learned that someone else had shot you and your tyke it wouldnt slow me down one iota. You arent human to me.


So if you could just tell me the AGE and SEX of your tyke, Id be stoked!



This woman has problems. How would you like to be one of her students?

Jeff has much, much more.


P.S. My friend Roberta says I don’t blog about my kids enough. My wife says I blog about them, and our personal life, altogether too much. This is a good example of why my wife says this — and why she may be right.

UPDATE: Jeff’s site has been under a DoS attack (two, actually) for much of the day.

How curious.

UPDATE x2: Much more here. The woman has apparently been forced to resign. She blames Goldstein, of course. And some unhinged leftists are defending her! For example, the “Liberal Avenger” says that it is not “an enormous crime against decency” to threaten to shoot an innocent two-year-old child because you dislike his father’s politics.

I am speechless. Apparently, some leftists will defend absolutely anything, as long as it lines up with their politics.

For No Reason, Here’s Slow Joe

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Said in an Apu-esque overdone Indian accent:

“Senator Biden, please pay for your purchases and get out . . . and come again!”

(If you don’t know what I’m talking about, the short explanatory video is here.)

You can understand why the guy felt the need to plagiarize Neil Kinnock. ‘Cause when he’s left to speaking his own thoughts — look out!

I’m not joking.

I knew I created a “Buffoons” category for a reason.

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