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Message from Jeff Goldstein

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I asked Jeff Goldstein if there is anything he’d like me to pass along while he is working on getting his site back up. He said:

Just that I didn’t pull the site down myself, I have the tickets to my host to prove it, that I have another host working on trying to get me up and running and then we’ll begin propagating to the new host, and that Frisch is a lying sackweasel.


P.S. Jeff is referring to Frisch’s accusation that he deliberately took down his site:

Methinks Jeff took the site offline himself – it sure is convenient for him to be the only one with the raw data. I think. Can someone really knock out your site for DAYS?!?

I mentioned this accusation in UPDATE x3 to this post of mine, which has more details on the whole depressing saga.

UPDATE 2:34 p.m. Pacific: Jeff’s site is back up. You can now see the post that started this controversy here. Strange . . . it looks exactly the same as when I (and hundreds of others) first saw it the other night!

UPDATE x2: Note that Frisch, in her “white flag” post, says in an update:

Protein Wisdom has been down since this all started so it is not possible to see all the comments and everything that led up to this. People are posting snippets of what I posted that have been embellished with references to french kissing and other things I didn’t say.

When and if protein wisdom comes on line again, it will be hard to tell what Jeff added or deleted to the transcript.

Nope, it’s easy to see that all the stuff you said is still there, Ms. Frisch. Just like it was the other night.

We’re not going to let you rewrite the story like this.

UPDATE x3: Jeff didn’t ask me to post this, but you might consider throwing him a few bucks to cover the cost of a move to a new server and host . . . and to purchase a defensive firearm. Paypal him at proteinwisdom AT celluloid-wisdom DOT com. I did.

UPDATE x4: It’s not loading for everyone. Be patient. It may take a few hours for some.

UPDATE x5: Michelle Malkin has officially confirmed that Frisch resigned.

UPDATE x6: You thought Frisch was done?? Oh, no. There’s more. So much more.

46 Responses to “Message from Jeff Goldstein”

  1. […] UPDATE x4: Jeff has asked me to pass along a message, which I am posting here. […]

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  2. Thanks for passing on the information, Patterico. Please try to keep us updated on Jeff’s progress in getting his site back up.

    Kind regards.

    Robert (91f2c5)

  3. Yes, a DDOS can knock a site off for days or weeks. Ask Rusty and the crew at the Jawa Report, who just got back from a two week involuntary sequestration courtesy of some Turkish Islamist hackers.

    Incidentally, Jeff’s site had had DOS attacks before this altercation with Frisch, so the incidents may not be related.

    See Dubya (cec5a1)

  4. I don’t know Jeff, or how to contact him, but I would be more than happy to set him up as an author on my site until his is back on-line.

    [I’d make the same offer myself, but he has a better offer already, from Allah at Hot Air. — P]

    Stephen Macklin (4ea65b)

  5. “Methinks Jeff took the site offline himself – it sure is convenient for him to be the only one with the raw data. I think. Can someone really knock out your site for DAYS?!?”

    Actual meaning: “Well, if I can say the most disgusting, degenerate perveted things about a two-year old what sensibility do I have to stop me from accusing the dirty little Jew [sarcasm here, OK literalists?] that he took down his own site?”

    nk (2e1372)

  6. It looks to me like she’s teeing up a spoliation claim, in the event of litigation. She suggests that the data is being corrupted while offline, while claiming ignorance of what a DoS attack is.

    How conveeenient.

    SWLiP (038b01)

  7. The woman (I can’t say lady)seems to be unhinged.
    There’s something about sitting down at a keyboard where the only thing you have to face is your screen that brings out the vitriol in some folks. Of course if you said the same sort of thing to someone in a face to face conversation, you just might find yourself eating a fist sandwich. )r–if you are a male, in the words of Harry Truman, you’d be needing a beefsteak for your eye and a supporter down below.

    Mike Myers (290636)

  8. Jeff has a comment reply at Hot Air, he’s trying to get his site back up at the present time:

    My new host has almost got me back online. Not sure how this works, so some of you might be able to see the site, others not.

    Jeff G on July 8, 2006 at 5:09 PM

    Robert (91f2c5)

  9. It’ll take a while for the new DNS records to get to everyone. If he’s back up at 5pm, figure it’ll be 9 or 10 before it’s back for everyone.

    Robert Crawford (46b1a4)

  10. Jeff’s site is barely up. I’m unable to get to it via Firefox, had to switch to Internet Explorer.

    Robert (91f2c5)

  11. And a new verb is born…

    Hats off to Froggy. Michelle, Allah, and Patterico have more….

    Old War Dogs (72c8fd)

  12. perhpas I am stating the obvious, but – this Frisch woman was associated with one of the Oregon universities before she had the Arizona gig. It *MAY BE* that her Arizona thing was temporary or due to end shortly, that her announced resignation means nothing, and that her permanent (or next) job is already lined up.

    Not sure how to check that, but it would be worth keeping in mind.

    Second point – I assume that Jeff G has contacted the authorities, who I presume are taking appropriate steps to document this. Otherwise, who rules out the possibility that, six days or six weeks hence, Ms. Frisch will declare the whole incident to be a figment of Jeff’s imagination, or the work of an evil righty doppelganger?

    Tom Maguire (3f7e6c)

  13. Tom,

    Love your stuff. Hopefully it’s cached somewhere.

    Dan Collins (2656a4)

  14. I feel dumb asking this, but what is a Denial Of Service? How does it come about?

    NCC (71415b)

  15. What was comment 15 supposed to mean? Was that some kind of threat?

    Dave in W-S (a7fb64)

  16. NCC,

    Try this….

    It’s a bit technical, but you’ll get the idea.

    John Ekdahl (1fe18c)

  17. Was that some kind of threat?

    Doesn’t worry me – I can’t even cache a check.

    But seriously – I took it to mean that Dan Collins is alerting me to the possibility that folks who get on the Frisch shit list develop tech problems. I am quite sure Dan is on the side of angels here.

    Tom Maguire (3f7e6c)

  18. I really hope that no one on my side of the political spectrum tries to defend that wretched harpy.

    Geek, Esq. (825962)

  19. I certainly hope so, TM. I don’t know Dan Collins – he may be a perfectly upstanding citizen. Just the way it was phrased, after all that has been going on, struck me as off.

    Dave in W-S (a7fb64)

  20. I really hope that no one on my side of the political spectrum tries to defend that wretched harpy.

    Too late.

    Patterico (50c3cd)

  21. TM,

    Check your e-mail at Minuteman

    Dave in W-S (a7fb64)

  22. John, thanks for the link.

    NCC (71415b)

  23. Too late.

    Just saw the Liberal Avenger’s comments. Well, that’s one left of center site I don’t need to read anymore.

    I feel like taking a shower.

    Geek, Esq. (825962)

  24. Is his site back down again? Already?

    Jeff was DOS’d a few weeks ago and Jawa was DOS’d for a few weeks…other right blogs were DOS’d – a few months back during some other controversy that I can’t this coordinated or random?

    Anyways, I rarely (make that never) see Lefty sites DOS’d.

    topsecretk9 (e6ffd8)

  25. Oh, ferchrissakes. I mean, hopefully Jeff’s stuff is cached and therefore available for easy perusal by the feds. I should have been copying the stuff myself, but I was too gobsmacked. When Jeff’s site’s available again, you can see my comments. Hell, I’m on the side of the Thrones and the Dominions.

    Dan Collins (2656a4)

  26. Here was my submission to Ace’s Deb Frisch Pro Am Poetry SLAM:

    Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
    Some things are just too dissimilar for comparison.
    Instead, I’d like to compare thee to a fucking idiot,
    But the fact is that you are far too deranged for that.
    Every once in a while it seemed you might say something a bit intelligent,
    I think that one time you may have;
    But we watched you lose your marbles online,
    Appalled beyond mere callousness;
    Don’t worry, though, for thou art now a verb,
    Destined for internet immortality;
    I’m pretty sure even death won’t brag,
    When thou art pestering shades in the underworld.
    So long as folk can type or eyes can see,
    Thou’lt be on the net, and thus remembered be.

    Dan Collins (2656a4)

  27. […] Update: His site is back up (finally) and his message is here. […]

    Threats against Jeff Goldstein’s two year old….-- Lil Duck Duck (2d8ea5)

  28. Dan,

    Perception is everything. My apologies, but in the context of this whole bizarre incident and not knowing you (although the name sounds familiar – probably read your comments and didn’t realize it) it just made me blink.

    Nice job on the poem, BTW (“I think that one time you may have…”)

    Dave in W-S (a7fb64)

  29. RE: NCC (7/8/2006 @ 3:10 pm)
    …what is a Denial Of Service? How does it come about?

    DoS is any method used to impede a server (web server here) from sending out replies (data) to a requesting client (e.g. your computer/browser here).

    Typically, as far as web serving (port 80/HTTP) goes, a malicious cracker will use an array of computers over which they have acquired administrative control from around the globe (ro”bots”) to make continuous requests for services (web pages) such that legitimate visitors cannot get a response from the web server in a timely manner. A sea of “illegitimate” requests for web page data floods the legitimate ones and uses up the server’s CPU cycles and network bandwidth such that it is effectively shut down from its intended purpose.

    There are other methods as noted by John Ekdahl’s link, but I suspect an army of bots using numerous and malicious GETs is the most likely.

    AnonymousDrivel (9b954d)

  30. Doesn’t a DOS attack just make your sitemeter go through the roof, then?

    See Dubya (cec5a1)

  31. RE: See Dubya (7/8/2006 @ 4:18 pm)
    Doesn’t a DOS attack just make your sitemeter go through the roof, then?

    I think that would depend on how a particular sitemetering script handled request logging; but if a script were only to count page GETs without regard to caps or without rules to discount repetitive requests in a short span (in order to artificially boost site statistics), then yes, sitemeter stats would spike. Also, the DoS would still continue until the IPs of the rogue bots were blocked (preferably at a router level and not at the web server level), the bandwidth increased to accomodate more legitimate requests, the hardware boosted to handle the extra load, or the bots called off by the cracker.

    AnonymousDrivel (9b954d)

  32. Ah Desert Fox “I am new to the right”–welcome to the true reality based community! LOL, but I do think the right of center grouop has a firmer hold on the real world.

    Mike Myers (290636)

  33. Ah Desert Fox “I am new to the right”–welcome to the true reality based community!

    Converts make the best catholics.

    actus (6234ee)

  34. […] UPDATE 6:59 PM: Protein Wisdom has had to move to a new site and purchase new defensive software. His PayPay address to help cover some of the costs of this scuzzy attack: proteinwisdom AT celluloid-wisdom DOT com. H/ T Patterico for this information. […]

    Blue Crab Boulevard » Blog Archive » Protein Wisdom Still Down (a177fd)

  35. Yikes. I go out for a nice little car show in central PA and by the time I come back the window’s smashed out of the saloon and there’s trash all over the place.

    Tip of the hat to Jeff at PW. Is there a crazed-O-graph that can tell us whether there’s more of this stuff on the left than the right? I’m sure I’m not objective enough to figure that out with certainty, though in recent weeks I’ve written a few posts about the Obama/idiot remarks after his speech about faith, Jane Hamsher’s serene reflections about Ann Althouse, etc. Yes, I know, Ann Coulter etc. But like I say, what we really need is a scientifically sound Lunatic Meter to measure these things.

    Christopher Fotos (f9677b)

  36. I’ll point out that I had this sucker zero’ed in *within the comment thread* – so, Yay me!

    Deb’s a psychologist, this wasn’t an unhinged rant (to her) this was some sort of escalating ’empathy training’ exercise. Which is something she admits in a comment section on another site.

    (I forget which one, but it’s the clusterfuck with Liberal Avenger / Minty Fresh / and a few others, including Deb. She uses the word ‘grokked’ -and believes that Jeff has, thanks to her efforts.)

    But, screw the blogger ethics question – this woman is a licensed psychologist. She was intentionally seeking to inflict emotional pain on somebody else without their permission to prove a point.

    Maybe Dr. Helen is the one best able to answer that question, but — damn — that seems a bigger issue than just ‘Blogger vs. Blogger’.

    oh, and I think the emergence of Jeff’s ‘cock slapping’ period on his blog came in response to the Left’s fascination with Gannon’s manhood.

    So, for every Lefty blog that cites Jeff’s trend towards cockslaphappiness, a quick check of that site’s arhives will show some fascination with Guckert’s Gay COCK and, likely, some speculation as to Guckert’s partners.

    just sayin’.

    BumperStickerist (002671)

  37. Anonymous Drivel,


    NCC (a90377)

  38. “We’re not going to let you rewrite the story like this.”

    Delete “story” and replace with “police report.” Sounds about right.

    CStudent (d30f44)

  39. […] I’d link to Jeff’s site directly, but as of this posting, it’s unavailable again — whether due to new host propagation or recurrent DDOS attack, I can’t say. […]

    Strangely Silent: De Doc`s Ventures » Blog Archive » A Comment (Or Six) Too Far (48930a)

  40. Another Frisch sighting here. Note the comment by Timothy (about half the way down), who apparently was a former student. Afterwards, there is a dialogue between Timothy and someone who appears to be Deb Frisch posting under the name Lefty. Here’s a quote from that thread “signed” by “”:

    “I was planning on keeping quiet about the stupid white men who fired me at Oregon.”

    DRJ (d049e2)

  41. BumperStickerist

    I don’t believe the “good” Democrat/Liberal is a “licensed psychologist”. I believe, from what I’ve recently read, that lincensing is only required for “practicing”, ie treating patients, psychologists. There’s no such requirement or overseeing body for “teachers/professors”.

    If it’s to be believed,there is a distinction, in most states, between a “psychologist” and professor of psychology. Only the former can call themselves a psychologist (it does require some level of competency and (drat)licensing you know). I’m sure this honest, if not always intellectually honest Liberal, would never have referred to herself as a “psychologist”. If nothing else, she is a denizen of the “Reality Based Community”, and how can one have “reality” without honesty?

    MaDR (d28110)

  42. “Eugene, Oregon, where moonbats rule.”

    God help me.

    Anwyn (1d2652)

  43. Meet Deborah Frisch, aka Professor Cyberstalker…

    Protein Wisdom was recently attacked by a most alarming cybertroll, who turned out to be a professor at the Arizona university, Deborah Frisch, who also maintain her own blog and has quite a record of stalking other people’s blogs as well. And the me….

    Tel-Chai Nation (59ce3a)

  44. No cigar to the “doctored posts” prang. There were dozens of us at the site on the 4th when she started in with her diatribe, and every post was in her hand and documented. She’ll have to try a different ploy. Said posts were forwarded to the Portland FBI AIC immeadiatly, with the concurrent time stamps. Unfortunately for her sicko ass, some of us have some law enforcement experience in net stalking.

    Big Bang Hunter (9562fb)

  45. […] Patterico has been all over this one, with stories here, here, here, here and here. And Powerline, which gets more visitors than God, put forth a very minor statement — but a minor reference on Powerline gets you a lot of attention! […]

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