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Patterico Descends Into the Snake Pit Again

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The snake pit in question is the one at Sadly, No!

For some reason, I decided to try to reason with some of the folks at Sadly, No! There are actually some people there who are relatively polite, and as I discovered who they were, I tried talking to them and ignoring the others.

But I failed at one point. I blew a gasket when one of the principals there told an outright lie about me: that I found “humorous” a comment about oral sex with a one-year-old. I couldn’t let that stand, and that’s how you get drawn in.

The fun is at three threads, here, here, and here. Go say hi.

Why I feel compelled to do this at times, I have no idea.

P.S. If you’re looking for direction, try the last link. It contains a link to a post where someone named “Tim” (there are those who call him “Tim”) said:

At least Roger has an Oscar nomination and Charles Johnson was a professional musician. But Jeff Goldstein and Security Mom? Who the fuck are those no talent jerks, and why would anybody pay them to write awful boring derivative unfunny suckass posts?

To which Jeff replied:

Incidentally, Tim? I touched your sister in her secret places. Lots.

Admirable restraint, you say? I would say so. But the Sadly, No! folks are busy making the case here that this shows Jeff was talking about molesting an underage girl.

And of course, that means I condone comments about molesting little girls, according to them.

UPDATE: I have spent a day watching people distort the record about a friend, and so I jumped in to defend him, and now I feel like I have wasted my time and just gotten angry for no reason. I feel like someone who spent a whole day fighting a bunch of poo-flinging monkeys. You can’t win, and at the end of the day they’re still jumping up and down, making their monkey noises, and flinging poo. And you wonder why you just wasted your day.

Jeff Goldstein Responds to Article in “Inside Higher Ed” Portraying Deborah Frisch as a Victim

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I was about done with this whole Deborah Frisch thing, but I can’t let this stand.

There is a sloppy article in “Inside Higher Ed” that — I swear I am not making this up — portrays Frisch as the victim of right-wing crazies, just for making an innocent joke or two. I have excerpts from the article, and Jeff’s response to that article, below.

Also, at least one lefty site is accepting her lie that she didn’t publish comments about French-kissing Goldstein’s boy. Jeff has confirmed that she posted those comments from the same IP address that she used to post other comments.

First, the Inside Higher Ed article:


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