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Daily Caller: We Have Proof Weiner’s DM to the Stripper Was Personal

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Chalk up another analytical victory for Ace of Spades. When stripper Ginger Lee expressed excitement at getting a DM (direct message) from Anthony Weiner, Ace said:

[S]he does not appear to be, like many strippers or porn actresses, perpetually drunk and stoned. In that video appearance, she’s stone cold sober.

The video appearance, by the way, is this one.

What a cute accent. Back to Ace:

So, this woman is at least fairly intelligent (I would say above-average intelligence) and does not appear to be boozehound or smackwhore.

Now, you tell me: Would this woman confuse an automated blow-off like “Thank you very much for taking an interest in Anthony Weiner. Please visit for further news about Anthony Weiner” for a DM worth getting excited about, and talking about, and calling a “trifecta of win”?

Would she get from that “pro-forma” message the idea that he “likes her blog”?

If I got the sense from her that she is very dumb, or very substance-compromised, I could buy that.

But I get the opposite sense. I do not believe for one red hot second an intelligent, clear-minded woman could possibly mistake “Drink More Ovaltine” for a genuine personal message from Anthony Weiner.

Guess what? Ace was right. The Daily Caller proves it. The evidence? Any pro-forma Weiner message, as Weiner claims Ginger Lee got, would have occurred on March 3. Her excitement over a Weiner DM was 10 days later.

So, Weiner sent her a personal message. Not an impersonal, pro forma one.

Which he denied. Which just means he lied. Again.

But you already knew that.

Thanks to Dan Riehl on Twitter.

8 Responses to “Daily Caller: We Have Proof Weiner’s DM to the Stripper Was Personal”

  1. she’s darling

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  2. You need to verify your dates concerning this blog post. It should be March 3 and March 13!

    You typed May 3…. not March as indicated in Twitter and the Daily Caller.


    Joe Smith (54c0c1)

  3. also I don’t think porn stars are as party party party as all that

    a lot of them aren’t single and they’re as apt to be as grounded as anyone else in LA

    which, this is not saying a tremendous whole lot

    but still

    happyfeet (3c92a1)

  4. I blame bush or was it reagan or was it me?

    DohBiden (15aa57)

  5. Guilty, guilty, guilty!!!

    [Weiner, that is.]

    Icy Texan (54a61b)

  6. Joe Smith,

    Thanks! I fixed it. Typo.

    Patterico (135ea8)

  7. Hey! She’s cute.

    Dirty Old Man (2e2a43)

  8. What a damn shame she has a thing for a dirtbag like Weiner. That says a lot more about her than the fact that she’s a stripper/porn star.

    Walt (6d7c8f)

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