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Source: Weiner Considering Resignation

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The New York Daily News reports:

As a cache of embarrassing new photos appeared Sunday, Rep. Anthony Weiner finally began considering the possibility that he may have to resign.

A source close to the congressman told the Daily News that Weiner had been adamant about keeping his seat – even as the Democratic leadership urged him to quit amid daily new revelations of reckless sexting.

But the unrelenting media coverage, the demands he step down from his party’s leadership, and the appearance of more humiliating photos made Weiner realize he may not be able to bull through the crisis after all, the source said.

TMZ published a new slew of squirm-inducing self-portraits, including several full-body shots taken in the House gym – some clothed, some not.

Several show Weiner showing off his naked body holding only his camera and his privates.

More pathetic details at the link.

Sunday Weiner Notes

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Paul Ryan and Steny Hoyer say Weiner should resign:

“It would take a little while for this process to go through,” Ryan said. “This would take time. I think the fastest best way is for Anthony to resign.

“I really don’t know that we have that time,” added Hoyer. “And I would hope that Mr. Weiner would use this opportunity to reflect upon whether or not he can effectively proceed. I don’t see how he can. And I hope he would make that judgment.”

Ace theorizes that the infamous Ethel DM about “honey mustard” was actually sent by her boyfriend. It’s possible, although nobody has gone on record making that claim. It doesn’t really matter, as the key is Weiner’s state of mind, not the girl’s. Ace makes this point:

However, as regards Weiner’s state of mind…? Weiner would not have known the backstory here, and might have said, “Hey, this girl’s got potential.”

I do find it interesting that Gennette Cordova has been floating the “someone stole her phone” claim.

And speaking of Gennette Cordova, Ace has some very funny observations about her. In essence, she claimed to Aaron that she had been talking with Weiner before the scandal about Dan Wolfe and his nefarious band of harassing hooligans. How dare they say Weiner was a pervert!! And then, next thing you know . . . Weiner is sending her a picture of his Johnson standing at attention under his underoos. As Ace says:

Was his intent… deep, black-humor irony?

I don’t get the joke. “That’s such an outrageous claim, I shall parodize it by… sending a 21 year old an unsolicited picture of my erection! And let this sarcastic missive stand as my response to such risible claims!”

Indeed. Her story either doesn’t hang together, or makes Weiner seem like an ultracompulsive lunatic. I have always thought there is a chance she is telling the truth, but this dribbling out of information actually makes her look like she has something to hide . . . and makes Weiner look worse. So he was a dude who was liable to send pictures of his erect penis to any young girl he happened to be chatting with, even though they had had no flirtatious contacts? And indeed had been talking about how silly it was to suspect him of flirtatious contacts?

That’s either a) complete bullshit, or, b) a fact that means that Weiner’s conduct is so compulsive and so reckless that it surpasses anything we know so far.

Take your pick. Either way, more and more Congresscritters are seeing this all as enough to say Weiner needs to go.

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