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Hi. Did Anything Happen While I Was Gone?

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I have been radio silent all weekend. Catalina trip with my son. (It was awesome, thanks.) About to board a boat, and having a Father’s Day dinner when I get back. Have barely had time to see NYT and Mediaite stories on Nikki Reid (Betty) and Marienela Alicea (Veronica).

Just enough to see that they both royally screwed it up. Mediaite, by claiming they still know the evidence against Weiner was fabricated. NYT, by saying that a fake Nikki was trying to get evidence against Weiner, when she and her mom were obviously shills for Weiner.

Can’t anybody here play this game?

Crooks & Liars Misconnects The Weinergate Dots

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[Guest post by Lee Stranahan]

It’s clear that left will embrace any possible conspiracy theory that floats by them, especially if Andrew Breitbart is within 300 feet of a story. Over at Crooks & Liars, my old Twitter friend @Karoli has sadly gone off the rails again. Here’s how she starts…

Yes, another Anthony Weiner post. Except this one confirms what I suspected: that the conservatives who "caught" him tweeting that picture were trying to set him up.

She quotes the recent NYT piece on “Betty & Veronica” and comes to a conclusion that isn’t in the piece…

I’m not excusing the fact that he did, in fact, send lewd photos and create a stupid distraction for the better part of three weeks. But this story highlights the fact that someone smelled blood and tried to take it to the next level by creating fake underage accounts to lure him into sending photos or flirting. It appears that he did not take the bait, but the fact that there was bait should make everyone sit up and take notice.

As long as identities are nothing more than the next invented email account, everyone is vulnerable. In Anthony Weiner’s case, he should have realized that he made himself a target just by standing up like he did, and been leery of any overly friendly people online. Instead he let himself be flattered by it.

(emphasis added)

Except – the timeline is backwards. The smelling of blood happened BEFORE the Tweet Heard ‘Round The World happened. If Weiner was ‘targeted’, it happened before everyone knew what he was up to…but apparently, somebody knew what he was up to.

Anthony Weiner made himself a target, all right; not for his supposed high ideals but by his habit of taking conversations with woman who liked his political stands as an opportunity to drop sexual innuendo, out of context dirty talk and to expose himself. He wasn’t entrapped in any possible way. He literally couldn’t have been entrapped unless  you define ‘talking to women’ as entrapment.

– Lee Stranahan

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