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Talking with Stranahan on Blog Talk Radio

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Will put up a link when I can.


An Important Message to Weinergate Bloggers/Journalists, Part 1

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Did you write this?

That I will do, including fighting any legal action to compel me to divulge my source. There is a foundation that would support me in that cause. . . .

We are ultimately, the sum of our actions. If you’ve done something for which you feel guilty, the best course is confession and amends, at least that’s my personal experience. As presented, that is what this would represent within a reasonable form. So, it’s up to you. It certainly has been an interesting exchange. If you’d like to go forward, please let me know. I will live up to my end of the bargain, such as it is. Thank you.

If you recognize this as your writing, you need to write me ASAP at patterico AT gmail DOT com.

It is not the only quote of yours I have.

John Reid Is Taking Your Questions

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In the thread where I solicited your questions. His first appearance is in this comment:

Hello all John Reid here. Thank you for taking the time to provide questions. I wanted to get on earlier but was busy sending everything to Patterico. I’ll do my best to answer you. If you would like follow-up questions or don’t understand an answer or need clarification, I’ll try my best to give you all that too. I only as respect. I didn’t come here to insult anyone or argue. Patterico asked me to do this and I agreed. So with that, let’s try and have a civil discussion. Thank you all.

So go talk to him.

Can Someone Give Me a Non-Creepy Explanation For These Kia Ads? (And Fisking Their Official Explanation)

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[Guest post by Aaron Worthing; if you have tips, please send them here.  Or by Twitter @AaronWorthing.]

Update: Ace links.

I am going to put the majority of this post below the fold because you have to make the ads huge to make them reasonably visible.  But I am really wondering if any of you can come up with a non-creepy explanation.

Now here is the most egregious (award winning!) one (I suggest you open it in a new tab and then enlarge it): (more…)

China Is Out-Doing Us in Everything, Including Sexting Scandals!

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[Guest post by Aaron Worthing; if you have tips, please send them here.  Or by Twitter @AaronWorthing.]

I just found this kind of amusing where apparently China has had not one, but two sexting scandals.  That is right the commie rat bastards* are even trying to outdo us in public humiliation!  Read this in shame, Americans:

Anthony Weiner is not alone.

It turns out the married congressman from New York, who submitted his resignation Monday after he was discovered using Twitter to send messages and explicit photos of himself to six different women, has company: a Chinese government official in the southern province of Jiangsu who recently managed to compromise himself on the popular Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo.

According to local media reports, Xie Zhiqiang, head of the Liyang City Sanitation Bureau, was fired Tuesday after he was discovered using Weibo to arrange an illicit rendezvous with a woman presumed to be his mistress — apparently unaware that messages posted to the site were visible to the public.

And there was a second sexting scandal which has something else in common with Weinergate:

The scandal comes just a month after billionaire investor Wang Gongquan used Sina Weibo to publicly announce that he was giving up everything and eloping with his mistress in China’s biggest social-media event so far this year.

That’s right, its from Weinergate to Wang-gate!

And incidentally, before anyone says, “who cares? He’s a private citizen!” do remember that there really is no such thing in totalitarian China.  Mind you, I don’t care very much about this (meaning I would be very surprised if I end up blogging about this again), but that distinction is less applicable in China.

At the same time, feel free to doubt the veracity of any part of this story, given that it comes from…  totalitarian China.


* I say that jokingly recognizing that in fact the modern Chinese government only pretends to be communist–what they really are, are totalitarians and crony capitalists.

[Posted and authored by Aaron Worthing.]

JohnReid9 Disappeared Again . . . But He Sent Me More Stuff; UPDATE: He’s Back

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Alleged flirty stuff between Gennette and Weiner. As always, I will take no position on the validity of all of this. The reader gets to decide.

But I’m tired, so I guess I’ll put it up tomorrow. I tweeted some of it earlier. Unlike before, GennetteC is denying some of these.

I guess I’ll have to show the screenshots.

Again, I had hoped to get JohnReid9 to go on record with his explanations as well. We seemed so close . . . and then he disappeared again.

But maybe he’ll be back again tomorrow. If he is, I’ll be sure to ask him some of those questions y’all have.

Has there ever been a more interesting story than this? If you have an example of one, shut up, because you’re wrong. This one wins, hands down.

UPDATE: He came back. I’m getting more.

You guys are going to lose me, however, to work.

UPDATE x2: JohnReid9 is in the comments section of this thread right now. Go ask him whatever you want.

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