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It Keeps Getting Worse and Worse

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Did you think that things were ugly in the blogosphere?

You haven’t heard anything yet.

Stay tuned. Something really nasty is likely to break today.

And you thought the Frisch deal was bad.


UPDATE: Ace has disclosed that this post is related in some way to this post about Seixon’s latest travails, so you might as well know that too. Bottom line: I’d stay tuned to Seixon today if I were you.

6 Responses to “It Keeps Getting Worse and Worse”

  1. Is this a reference to the Larry Johnson thing, or something else?

    Xrlq (6a3c55)

  2. Something else. Sort of.

    Patterico (50c3cd)

  3. I just did an update. Ace already tied the two together, so there’s no reason I shouldn’t as well. Keep an eye on Seixon today.

    Patterico (50c3cd)

  4. […] Patterico compares this to Frisch obliquely threatening Goldstein’s kid but, nutty as she is, I don’t think anyone thought Dr. Demento intended to follow through. She’s a crank with a taste for vitriol. This is something different — basically the blog version of “Unlawful Entry.” […]

    Hot Air » Blog Archive » Seixon vs. Leopold and Johnson: The creepiest blog scandal ever (d4224a)

  5. […] We just wanted to make it abundantly clear, particularly in view of the rapidly escalating levels of Crazy™ in the Blogosphere these days. […]

    Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler » Blog Archive » Jeebus, This Just Gets Crazier and Crazier (502642)

  6. Deb Frisch is still in denial that she’s a crank. In fact she posted a comment that purports to be from her mother on my blog.

    Laura Lee Donoho (fff832)

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