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That Airport Security

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So you know how they make you take off your shoes at the airport. (Sometimes, that is.) Let’s say you’re an Egyptian guy and your shoes have tape around them and rubber bands sticking out of them. They are tested for explosives and the test comes back positive, five times. What will happen?

They’ll take your shoes, photograph them, take no photographs of you, and send you on your merry way.

How reassuring.

No Good Options in Iran

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Michelle Malkin lays out the distressing situation in Iran. She has quotes from numerous sources, including Victor Davis Hanson explaining why it’s not so easy as simply sending Israel to take care of matters with a bombing raid, as was done in 1981 with Saddam.

Not good, folks. Not good at all.

Boston Globe Editors: Morons

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A Boston Globe editorial makes this silly pronouncement:

Alito declared his overarching constitutional philosophy of originalism: a strict adherence to the actual written text. In deciding court opinions, he said, ”We should look to the meaning that someone would have taken from the text of the Constitution at the time of its adoption.” Given that, at the time of its adoption, women could not vote and slaves were considered three-fifths of a person, such a philosophy is outdated, to say the least.

Ed Whelan does the honors in slapping the editors for this ridiculous statement:

Note to Boston Globe: Originalists do not look only to the original Constitution. They look to the original meaning of all the provisions of the Constitution, including those amendments that abolished slavery, guaranteed “the equal protection of the laws,” and provided voting rights to women. That you evidently don’t understand this — or the fact that it was pro-slavery interests that would have preferred to count slaves fully (rather than as 3/5) for purposes of apportionment of House of Representatives seats and electoral-college votes – is a compelling reason why no intelligent person should pay any attention to your opinion on this matter.

I couldn’t have said it any better.

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