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Does the Tribune Company Care About the Opinions of L.A. Times Readers?

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Check out this comment by a fellow who calls himself “Biff”:

Patrick Frey? a deputy district attorney? commenting on the LA Times? and people care what you think becauseā€¦.????

Well, Biff, I can’t answer your question specifically.

But I have an idea who can. Ask the readers of this site. Ask the 16,000+ people who visited January 1 alone. Ask Glenn Reynolds, Michelle Malkin, Ed Morrissey, Scott Johnson, Charles Johnson, Hugh Hewitt, Dean Esmay, Jeff Goldstein, Cathy Seipp, Kevin Roderick, and many others why they linked my Year in Review post.

Then ask them if they care what you think.

Strange thing is, Biff: they actually might. They might be curious to know why you are so dismissive of a reader’s criticisms. After all, your IP address comes back to the Tribune Company in Chicago — the folks who publish the L.A. Times.

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