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Howie Kurtz on Patterico vs. Hiltzik

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Howard Kurtz mentions my little spat with L.A. Times columnist Michael Hiltzik in his Media Notes column today. He quotes generously from my Year in Review post and Hiltzik’s response comparing me and other conservative critics to Stalinist hardliners, offering little extra in the way of analysis.

Now that it’s pretty clear that Hiltzik is not going to answer the challenges I laid down in my response to him, maybe we can now finally “move on.”™

Alito and Schumer

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Ramesh Ponnuru sounds worried about Alito’s answers to Schumer. I’m a working stiff and don’t yet know why (though I plan to watch the replay on C-SPAN tonight, as I did yesterday). Does anyone know what he’s talking about?

P.S. I’ll have a count of the number of times Chuckie said “extreme” when a transcript becomes available.

UPDATE: Ed Whelan doesn’t know what Ramesh Ponnuru is talking about — and he was watching the hearings.

UPDATE x2: Ramesh Ponnuru explains. I still haven’t seen the exchange.

Wherein I Make Patterico Long for the EU

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[Posted by The Angry Clam]

The EU is pretty punitive about overbooking on flights . You get bumped, the airline forks over up to 600 Euro.

What we really need in the U.S. is to (1) force all our crappy legacy airlines to actually go out of business, rather than continue the loop of reorganizations that they do and (2) allow foreign carriers to conduct domestic flights if they so choose. Honestly, the problems airlines face isn’t going to go away until they, like the automotive companies, break the backs of their unions and get rid of defined benefit pensions.

Deregulation is key!

-The Angry Clam

The Chuckie S. Drinking Game

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Based on Chuck Schumer’s opening statement yesterday, I propose a drinking game for today’s Alito hearing: drink whenever Chuckie S. says the word “extreme.”

[Drinking game proposal not serious. Please drink responsibly. Do not drive after playing the Chuckie S. Drinking Game.]

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