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More on Hiltzik from Comrade Patterico

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Some follow-up thoughts about Michael Hiltzik’s recent pair of posts about Comrade Patterico:

First — even taking into account Hiltzik’s jaw-dropping analogy of me and other conservative critics to Stalinist apparatchiks — probably the most insulting thing about his posts is the insufferably haughty attitude he displays towards Patterico readers. If you enjoyed my Year in Review post about the Los Angeles Times, then you are, without exception, uncritical readers choosing to wallow in your own ignorance:

Patrick Frey’s end-of-the-year gloss on the L.A. Times’s ostensible sins of bias, cited in my post yesterday, goes on for many screens; I assume that the members of his personal choir have been devoting close scrutiny to the indictment. Uncritical readers, wishing to have their ignorant preconceptions reinforced without straining a brain cell, are no doubt gobbling it up. Those seeking serious commentary and analysis on the role and performance of the press will more likely abandon it in mid-course, on the principle that life is too short to waste on such flapdoodle.

What breathtaking arrogance. And how unfortunately typical of someone who works at the Los Angeles Times.

The idea that intelligent readers of the paper might actually agree with many or most of my criticisms is a possibility that Hiltzik is simply unwilling to entertain.

His attitude is, unfortunately, reflective of a huge group of people working for this newspaper. For proof, you need only open up their newspaper on any given day. Only those who agree with their leftist outlook of the world qualify for respect in their eyes. And people like you? They see you as uninformed chumps. You’re willfully, comfortably ignorant rubes.

Also, I have another observation about Hiltzik’s pal Chuck Philips, and the relevance of the accusation that Philips was on Suge Knight’s payroll.


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