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“Outside the Tent” Resolutions for the L.A. Times

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Today’s L.A. Times “Outside the Tent” column is a collection of New Year’s resolutions for the newspaper, proposed by previous contributors. Four of the resolutions are mine, submitted under the nom de plume “Patrick Frey.” Here they are:

• To encourage more columnists — and even reporters — to start blogs.

• To fill a top editorial position with a staunch Republican — that is, if we can find one. Anybody know a staunch Republican?

• To make it clear in stories about judicial nominations that opposition to Roe vs. Wade is not the same as opposition to legalized abortion.

• To continue running “Outside the Tent.”

There are many other excellent suggestions in the piece. I particularly enjoyed these:

• To publish a center-right political analyst with as many column inches per week as Ronald Brownstein is allocated. (Hugh Hewitt)

• To expand its Rolodex to include more than the predictable roster of Najee Ali, Ramona Ripston and Earl Ofari Hutchinson when seeking “community reaction” to controversial police incidents. (Jack Dunphy [pseudonym for an LAPD cop] )

• To rediscover California’s Capitol and redefine coverage to include how and why more than $100 billion a year in state taxes are expended. (David Abel)

• To review or profile a single restaurant or hotel in the Sunday magazine that people earning less than $100,000 a year could theoretically afford. (Matt Welch)

• To offer more crime coverage and stop behaving as if The Times is protecting property values. It’s a big city, I know. But New York is a big city too, and the New York Post manages to cover crime. (Mickey Kaus)

Go read them all.

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