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Snowflake Photos

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These are pretty cool.

Not Surprising

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[Posted by The Angry Clam]

Remember that article about people “needing to know their place” that Ted Kennedy kept quoting and trying to make CAP look like a worse version of the Nazi Party?

Nothing like taking satire as serious.

– Posted by The Angry Clam

Ruling: Fetus Not a Person for the Carpool Lane

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Democrats missed a golden opportunity to ask Alito about this: does a fetus count as a second “person” for purposes of the carpool lane?

I am a fairly strong critic of abortion on demand, but: get out of my carpool lane, lady.

(H/t Allah.)

The Council Has Spoken

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My Dog Trainer Year in Review post won the Watcher’s Council contest this week for best non-Council post. The winning Council post was by The Glittering Eye, and was titled Perspectives on Foreign Command of U.S. Forces. My thanks to the Council for the nomination and the vote.

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