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Extra! Extra! Bush Hasn’t Seen “Brokeback Mountain”!!

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The L.A. Times has an entire article reporting that President Bush has not seen “Brokeback Mountain.”

It reads like the Onion, but it’s for real.

Channeling Mickey Kaus, I recommend a round of layoffs for everyone at the paper who considers this news.

You Should Still Move to Canada

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[Posted by The Angry Clam]

Remember all the lefties whining and bitching about how they can’t win elections so they’re going to move to various other countries, like Canada?

Remember how I encouraged them to go, and with good riddance?

They might not like it so much- Alberta and the Western Provinces, the Canadian political equivalent of our South, is about to have its revenge.

Go Tories!

– The Angry Clam

New York Times Editors: Ignorant (at the Very Least)

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Ed Whelan takes a whack at the New York Times for its ignorant editorial on Alito (my emphasis):

I’ll limit myself to the NYT’s core claim – that Judge Alito “has a radically broad view of the president’s power.” One problem with this claim is that the editorial offers not a shred of credible evidence to support it. The editorial charges that Alito “has supported the fringe ‘unitary executive’ theory, which would give the president greater power to detain Americans and would throw off the checks and balances built into the Constitution.” But the “unitary executive” theory merely takes seriously what Article II of the Constitution states: that the “executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America.” As Judge Alito testified repeatedly, it does not reach the separate question of the scope of that executive power. Indeed, the editorial’s charge that the theory “would give the president greater power to detain Americans” is contradicted by the fact (seemingly never acknowledged by those trying to use the “unitary executive” as a stick to beat Alito with) that Justice Scalia, a proponent of the unitary executive, took a much more restrictive view of executive power than Justice O’Connor did in the Hamdi case.

P.S. Note to the editors of the New York Times: If you are trying to persuade Sen. Lincoln Chafee to vote your way on this nominee, your argument would be more convincing if you at least try to spell the Senator’s name right. Hint: it’s “Chafee” — with only one “f.”

UPDATE: At least they didn’t refer to the case of “Row v. Wade” like the AP did. (No, I’m not kidding; follow the link.)

The Big Bang Disappears

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The L.A. Times has a nice piece on the disappearance of drum solos, featuring an interview with my favorite drummer, Neil Peart of Rush.

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