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L.A. Times Misstates Holding of Ayotte

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Ed Whelan says that this L.A. Times article misstates the holding of today’s decision in Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood. He appears to be right.

The article is by our old friend David Savage.

P.S. The Court sure did rush to get this one out, didn’t it? Aren’t abortion decisions generally issued in June? I guess when a decision is unanimous and uncontroversial among the Justices, as today’s appears to have been, it’s easier to pen a ruling more quickly.

P.P.S. Xrlq says the Democrats’ stalling tactics on Alito didn’t work.

Mrs. P. Takes a Bow

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My wife, who knows something about birds, told me yesterday that the L.A. Times had misidentified a black-crowned night heron as a cormorant in a photograph. I didn’t note it on my blog, mostly because I couldn’t link to the picture, which had appeared only in the print version of the paper. Anyway, this correction issued today:

Conaway Ranch: A photo caption accompanying an article in Tuesday’s California section on the battle between Yolo County and developers over Conaway Ranch identified a black-crowned night heron as a cormorant.

Can she call ’em or what?

Assisted Suicide Decision: Opinions

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Here is the majority opinion in the assisted suicide case decided yesterday. Justice Scalia’s dissent is here, and Justice Thomas’s dissent is here. Note that Chief Justice Roberts joined Scalia’s dissent, but not Thomas’s.

A Not Valuable (As Opposed to Invaluable) Observation

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Why is it that “inaction” is not action, and something that is “inapt” is not apt — but “invaluable” means very valuable, and “inestimable” means very estimable? (I know, I know; technically, they don’t. But in common usage, they do.)

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