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More on Rules for Nobel Peace Prize Nominations

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Clinton Watson Taylor passes along this flyer from Stanford University, with the rules for Nobel Peace Prize nominations. It appears to clarify that nominators need not have a personal invitation from the Committee in order to submit nominations; all that is required is for a nominator to fit within one of the relevant categories.


Tookie Williams: Murderer

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Here is the response of the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office to Tookie’s Petition for Clemency. Chock-full of compelling evidence of Tookie’s guilt. Anyone who harbors doubts — either about his guilt or about his essentially evil nature — has not read this document.

Ashamed? Chuckie S.?

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Regarding that Alito memo on the Thornburgh case, Sen. Chuckie S. has been going around claiming that Alito tried to hide his involvement. Confirm Them has this entertaining bit from Alito’s then-boss, former Solicitor General Charles Fried:

“I have never heard of anyone who worked in the solicitor general’s office who would list all the cases where they wrote memos,” Mr. Fried said. “There are hundreds of these. It’s just absurd. It’s one of these typical cases, and I’m afraid Senator Schumer is guilty of this, that if you can’t get someone on the merits, you bring up some phony lack of candor argument. He should be ashamed of himself, but he is shameless. And you can quote me on that.”

Why, then — I will!

Evan Maxwell Responds

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Evan Maxwell responds to some of the critics of his recent e-mail, which I published in this post. As before, I have embedded links where relevant:


Bill Handel Steals Patterico’s Idea Coincidentally Has the Same Idea as Patterico

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Xrlq phoned me yesterday as I was going in to work, to inform me that local radio personality Bill Handel stole my idea, and got himself nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. (My campaign is still on track, but action has been delayed because my potential nominator has been out of the country at a conference.)

Why did Xrlq say Handel “stole” my idea? Well, there is an interesting factor at work here. Handel’s producer is my good friend Justin Levine, who has a report on Handel’s nomination here.

However, in an e-mail, Justin tells me that it’s pure coincidence that Handel happened to come up with the same idea as me . . . unless, he says, Handel has been regularly reading Patterico without telling Justin — something Justin characterizes as “a theoretical possibility.” (Heh.)

Of course, Handel did mention Patterico on his program once — which could, on its face, support that “theoretical possibility.” But it turned out that Justin was behind that — which kind of puts us back to square one.

I think this is yet another instance where an aphorism I like to use applies: Great minds think alike — and sometimes they think like me, too.

And, after all, Justin notes: “But hey, you can still be the first Blogger to get a nomination. That would still be a badge of honor.” With Tookie Williams among my company, I’m not sure “honor” is really the word Justin was looking for.

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