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Intelligent Design is Real

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[Posted by The Angry Clam]

I’m totally serious. It is not a theory, it is a fact. And evolution did not occur. Not one iota.

That is, if this works.

Cool stuff. I like it a lot.

– The Angry Clam

Sunstein on Presidential Wiretaps

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Here is Cass Sunstein’s statement on the viability of the argument that Bush’s surveillance program was permissible under the authorization to use military force.

Via Pejman, who has more.

P.S. You should also read Byron York’s pieces from December 19 and December 20. (H/t: Andrew.) Also, read John Hinderaker on the inherent authority argument.

P.P.S. A commenter points out that the relevant authorization of force is not the one relating to Iraq, and I have removed the words “in Iraq” from the description.

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