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Ashamed? Chuckie S.?

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Regarding that Alito memo on the Thornburgh case, Sen. Chuckie S. has been going around claiming that Alito tried to hide his involvement. Confirm Them has this entertaining bit from Alito’s then-boss, former Solicitor General Charles Fried:

“I have never heard of anyone who worked in the solicitor general’s office who would list all the cases where they wrote memos,” Mr. Fried said. “There are hundreds of these. It’s just absurd. It’s one of these typical cases, and I’m afraid Senator Schumer is guilty of this, that if you can’t get someone on the merits, you bring up some phony lack of candor argument. He should be ashamed of himself, but he is shameless. And you can quote me on that.”

Why, then — I will!

2 Responses to “Ashamed? Chuckie S.?”

  1. “Shame” and “Shameless” are words that imply some moral center. The senior senator has only one set of rules – return his party to power. Truth Justice and the American way have left the democratic party leadership in favor of trashing our country and its conservative direction.

    And by the way ” Bush lied”

    Ray Simpson (75a3b5)

  2. “if you can’t get someone on the merits, you bring up some phony lack of candor argument”

    Why, that almost sounds like the tactics used in the McCarthy “witch hunts” that Leftywood and its drones are so recently re-enraged about…


    I’m sure this will be condemned with the same fervor – oh wait that would put an end to democrat filibusters.


    Scott (57c0cc)

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