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See-Dubya: Whiskey Pete’s Tall Tale

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Given our host’s mysterious absence, I thought I would direct your attention to a minor blogospheric controversy. You’ve probably heard of, though not seen, a “documentary” by the Italian channel RAI about America’s use of White Phosphorus in Fallujah, in which the WP is called a “chemical weapon”.

Much of the controversy surrounds a fellow the interviewed named Jeff Engelhardt, who claims to be an eyewitness to the U.S. use of the weapons in Fallujah. But there are a few problems with his story, noticed by this guy, by Big Lizards, and then expanded a bit by me. Engelhardt’s grasp of the military lingo–as well as the mechanics of WP–is a bit iffy.

Well, believe it or not…now I’ve managed to find and transcribe an unedited copy of Engelhardt’s interview with RAI. It’s long but I think you’ll enjoy it, so click here to read it at the Jawa Report . First you should read at least one of those other links, though, so the, um, references within this exclusive interview transcript will make sense.

For Those Interested

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[Posted by The Angry Clam]

You can see the Bar Exam that Kathleen Sullivan failed by clicking here.

Just looking at that PDF unsettles me.

– The Angry Clam

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