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Here’s an Understatement For You

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So the Associated Press decides to do a story on today’s oral arguments on the Solomon Amendment, which denies federal funds to any university that refuses to allow military recruiters equal access to its campus.

However, there’s a real nugget buried in the article I linked to. See if you can find it, then click “more” to see if you’re correct. (more…)

Bill Arkin’s Continuing Trouble with Quotes

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Regular readers know Bill Arkin has trouble with quotes. Well, he’s having trouble again:

The fact that I worked for Greenpeace at one time seems to propel many readers and bloggers — Little Green Footballs, Power Line, Captain’s Quarters, Decision ’08, Patterico’s Pontifications — into a frenzy.

The bloggers often describe me as a “former liberal Greenpeace political activist.”


Funny thing: when you stick the phrase “former liberal Greenpeace political activist” into Google, you get (as of this morning) one result: Bill Arkin.

This is classic Arkin. His apologists will no doubt argue that, in context, this is not meant to be a quote. But it would have been so easy to simply omit the quotes, so that there would be no doubt. Why not just do that?

Memo to Arkin: you can’t be trusted with quotation marks. If it’s not a direct quote, just don’t use quotation marks. Better yet: just don’t use them at all.

UPDATE AND PROGRAMMING NOTE: This may be the last post for several days. I will explain later.

Poopy-Pants Tim

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Posted by Dafydd the Great, Mr. Lizard himself. Not by Patterico, thank goodness.

Those of us who read and love Patterico’s Pontifications (I resist the impulse to link to the same blog you’re reading) know that Tim McGarry’s charge that the tone of PP “frequently descends to the emotionally puerile” is a load of kakky-doody.

— Dafydd

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