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“Lyin’ Ted” to Speak Tonight

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Donald Trump’s tweet suggesting his wife is ugly has never been deleted.

As much as I despise this clown show, I confess: I’ll be very interested to see how Cruz handles this tonight.

UPDATE: Very well done by Cruz. In light of the boos, and the chanting for an endorsement for Trump, his refusal to endorse came across as a classy, principled, and rather pointed “fuck you” to Donald Trump. I am proud of Cruz tonight.

Melania and Staff Completely Rewrote Speech

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Told you.

The Trump campaign declined to say who or how many senior campaign officials read or reviewed the speech. But when Ms. Trump and her staff had finished revising the speech, virtually all that remained from the original was an introduction and a passage that included the phrase “a national campaign like no other.

I told you Matt Scully had nothing to do with this.

I had the treat of turning on Mark Levin as I drove home yesterday, and got to listen to him screaming THEY’RE ATTACKING HER BECAUSE SHE’S A BEAUTIFUL WOMAN THERE I SAID IT! and that sort of nonsense.

Obama cribbed off Deval Patrick, and nobody cared. Again: to me, the great thing about this is how they deny deny deny that it’s plagiarism when it obviously is. They never ever ever ever ever EVER admit they were wrong about anything. Some of you think that’s strength.

It’s not.

Meanwhile, Facepalm Guy has been identified. He’s South Dakota State Representative Isaac Latterell.

“I just think that it’s a sad day for the Republican party,” Latterell said Tuesday night in a phone interview. “I don’t think that the candidate that was chosen has a chance of winning the election, or being different than the other nominee.”

He also said the motion was his only way to “protest what is going on in the corrupt RNC.” Latterell said he voted for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in the state’s primary election.

The Republican party needs more people like Isaac Latterell, and fewer people like Donald Trump and Chris Christie and Paul Manafort who will look you in the eye and deny that the sky is blue.

Tonight, Ted Cruz and his opaque, Delphic quasi-sorta-non-endorsement for Trump! Yay!

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