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Munich Shootings; Obama’s Head in the Sand

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[guest post by JVW]

At least six people have been killed in shootings at a city mall in Munich. Eyewitnesses report three shooters, and as of this moment no one has been apprehended.

Meanwhile, a commenter at Powerline directs us to this telling juxtaposition that appears on CNN’s homepage:


Shame on those dead Germans for getting in the way of the President’s moral preening.


I Guess You’ll Have to Tell Me How Last Night Went…

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…because I tuned it out.

My mom is in town and we went for a walk around the Venice canals. We found the house where Harry Bosch visits the “boot” girlfriend in the first season of the Amazon series.

I see John Hinderaker saying of Ivanka’s speech that, sure, she suggested “new and bigger government programs” . . . but apparently her ability to read from a TelePrompTer was nevertheless so amazing that he asked: “Is there a Senate seat we could put her up for?”

If you want to know how someone as unqualified, incompetent, and unlikeable as Hillary Clinton got elected to a Senate seat in New York, there’s your answer. On both sides of the aisle, we love love love to keep electing anybody and everybody from the same family. On Twitter, some people observed that the love of the Trumps appears to be the GOP’s desire to have its own Kennedy family.

As far as Trump’s speech: didn’t watch it either. I’m more interested in the reaction of members of the GOP to Trump (and to Cruz’s speech) than I am in Trump. Peggy Noonan said of Cruz today: “What a jerk.” She loves her some Obama and some Trump, but “support the Constitution” makes you a “jerk.” After New York Attack Poodle Peter King declared Ted Cruz an “asshole,” RNC guy Sean Spicer agreed with the assessment on national television. Did he ever declared Trump a “jerk” for mocking the looks of Cruz’s wife, or for mocking John McCain’s wartime captivity? I’m going to guess no.

An illness is passing over this party, as real as the norovirus that hit the convention in Cleveland, but more pervasive and noxious. I’m going to stand clear until it passes. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. At least I won’t catch it.

P.S. If you want any further proof that the RNC is a pack of liars, and that they hate and have slandered Ted Cruz, read this post by Leon Wolf. It’s not just Trump. Increasingly, it’s the party itself.

UPDATE: Aaaand now Trump is again insinuating Cruz’s dad was involved with JFK’s assassination. And defending the National Enquirer as a news source. Enjoy, loyalists. Enjoy.

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