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More on Dallas: Dead Suspect Identified, Three Others in Custody [UPDATED – Sally Kohn Hot Take]

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As a follow-up to last night’s developments in Dallas, here has what has transpired since I signed off almost 12 hours ago.

* The death toll has risen to five: four Dallas Police Department officers and the Dallas Area Rapid Transit officer.

* The suspect who had been holed up in the parking garage at the nearby community college was killed when a police robot detonated an explosive near him as he was exchanging gunfire with police. He has been identified as Micah Xavier Johnson, 25, of Mesquite. His claims of having scattered bombs throughout downtown appear, fortunately, to be untrue.

* The Dallas Morning news says that three people are in custody but are not cooperating with police. These are likely the three who were arrested last night: a female suspect and two (presumably) male suspects who were said to be carrying camouflage tote bags. Before his death, Johnson claimed to be acting alone.

* Quoth the President:

[. . .] there has been a vicious, calculated and despicable attack on law enforcement. Police in Dallas were on duty, doing their jobs, keeping people safe during peaceful protests. These law enforcement officers were targeted, and nearly a dozen officers were shot.

[. . .] I believe that I speak for every single American when I say that we are horrified over these events, and that we stand united with the people and the police department in Dallas. According to police, there are multiple suspects. We will learn more, undoubtedly, about their twisted motivations. [. . .]

For now, let me just say that even as yesterday I spoke about our need to be concerned, as all Americans, about racial disparities in our criminal justice system, I also said yesterday that our police have an extraordinarily difficult job and the vast majority of them do their job in outstanding fashion. I also indicated the degree to which we need to be supportive of those officers who do their job each and every day, protecting us and protecting our communities.

Today is a wrenching reminder of the sacrifices that they make for us. We also know that when people are armed with powerful weapons, unfortunately it makes attacks like these more deadly and more tragic. And in the days ahead, we’re going to have to consider those realities as well.

Never miss that opportunity to make a gun control pitch, Mr. President.

[UPDATE] – Sally Kohn weighs in heavily with the stupidity:

If there is a trophy for worst media hot take, I think we all know where we can ship it.


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