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Well, Well, Well. . . .

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News came earlier today from the Washington Post (who apparently broke the story) that the Justice Department is granting immunity from prosecution to Bryan Pagliano, the Clinton staffer who set up her now-infamous homebrew email server. Just six months ago, Pagliano pled the Fifth when appearing before the House Select Committee on Benghazi.

Reaction to the news ranges from Twitchy relaying NBC reporter Monica Alba’s tweet that the Clinton campaign is “pleased” that Pagliano is cooperating (which could mean that after six months they have schooled him on his lines and believe he is ready for the curtain to rise) to our friends at Popehat who tweeted this pithy observation:

The poor FBI and DOJ now find themselves in a pickle. The closer to the election that they choose to proceed with this case and file charges (or close the case without filing charges), the more likely they will be accused of trying to influence the outcome. Should they wait until after the November election to reach a decision, they will be accused of dragging their feet to ensure a Hillary! win (if they indict) or to boost the GOP candidate (should they decline to indict). But with the Clintons it’s always about the other guys acting in a nakedly political manner, isn’t it?


That Look

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Photo caption time!

I gotta stand with him. He knows Springsteen!

p.s. Ben Carson has suspended his campaign.


UPDATE BY PATTERICO: Carson has not technically suspended his campaign, but he has admitted it’s over. As Cruz supporters, we don’t want to be accused of LYING!!!!11!1!!

UPDATE BY DANA: I was hasty in my wording. Here is Dr. Carson’s statement:

I have decided not to attend the Fox News GOP Presidential Debate tomorrow night in Detroit. Even though I will not be in my hometown of Detroit on Thursday, I remain deeply committed to my home nation, America. I do not see a political path forward in light of last evening’s Super Tuesday primary results. However, this grassroots movement on behalf of “We the People” will continue. Along with millions of patriots who have supported my campaign for President, I remain committed to Saving America for Future Generations. We must not depart from our goals to restore what God and our Founders intended for this exceptional nation.

As Robert Costa tweeted:

CARSON will not formally suspend today, but bid is over. Will make speech Friday at CPAC.

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