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Trump Says He Will Skip Next Debate

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Well of course he will:

Donald Trump made clear Friday what Gov. Gary Herbert and other Utah Republicans have feared: He has no interest in participating in the GOP’s March 21 presidential debate in Salt Lake City.

“We’ve had enough debates,” Trump told reporters at a news conference in Palm Beach, Florida. “I mean, how many times do you have to give the same answer to the same question?”

Trump also said he was not aware of the upcoming GOP presidential debate in Salt Lake City, which was added last month to the schedule by the Republican National Committee, and didn’t see a need for it.

“I didn’t know there was a next debate,” Trump said. “Can I be honest with you? I think it’s time to end the debates. No, I didn’t know about the debate in Salt Lake City.”

Huh. I did. But then, I guess I follow politics a little more closely than this buffoon. If it’s not on the tube, he doesn’t know about it.

Rubio may well be out by that point. Ted Cruz debating an all-but-non-existent John Kasich? Not sure they’re going to bother holding that event.

I remain disappointed at the lack of substantive questions put to Trump in the last debate. Cruz seems to be coasting as if he thinks that Rubio will disappear Wednesday (which I hope is true) and that he has it sewn up if Rubio drops out (not so sure). But then, Cruz is the candidate and I am not. I’m not sure I’m in a position to fault his political instincts.

But hey, if being an American means anything, it means having the right to hold, and loudly express, an uninformed and possibly wrong opinion.

P.S. As an instructive lesson on how the media treats Trump, watch Marco Rubio here bemoaning the coverage that Trump gets for saying silly and controversial things, such as encouraging people to beat up protesters. Good point, but where was this guy in the debate? Watch closely around :39, where, at the exact moment Rubio decries the media giving Trump’s buffoonery too much coverage, a box pops up in the bottom right-hand portion of the screen, highlighting . . . an upcoming Trump rally.

The irony is so rich, if this happened in a movie, you’d criticize the screenwriter for laying it on so thick.

Woman Who Gave Nazi Salute Is Not Leftist False Flag

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You may have seen a picture of a Donald Trump supporter throwing up a Nazi salute. Some misinformation has been going around the ‘Net claiming the woman was a Bernie supporter and false flag:

But this is wrong.

The caption for the original photo reads: “Donald Trump supporter Birgitt Peterson, center, of Yorkville, argues with protesters March 11, 2016, outside the UIC Pavilion after the rally for the Republican presidential candidate was canceled.”

And we see from this article that the woman in question has been an anti-tax activist.

For Peterson, 54, local politics have been a way of life since he moved to Yorkville in 1976. Early on, he and his wife, Birgitt, complained about an airport and gravel pits proposed nearby. Then, Birgitt Peterson started the Yorkville TEA Party, or Taxpayers’ Education Association, to push for a tax cap.

Now: this article is from 2000, meaning the “TEA party” she founded is not the same “TEA party” that sprang up shortly after Obama’s election in 2008. But a leftist activist does not typically start a “TEA party” seeking a tax cap.

I think Trumpers are going to have to face up to the fact that this woman is just another Neo-Nazi. She’s one of many.

UPDATE: The New York Times has an article in which the woman says she was mocking people who compared Trumpers to Nazis. But the article also quotes an onlooker who disputes her story, quoting her instead as saying this is what “we” did back in the day.

I’ll give this lady the benefit of the doubt. Trump has enough definite Neo-Nazis supporting him. We needn’t conclude this lady is too, just to say there is a problem.

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