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Lewandowski “Charged” By Police, Not Prosecutors

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I should have known better than to believe Big Media. They never know what they are talking about.


Some media outlets have reported that this office has brought charges against Corey Lewandowski, campaign manager for Donald Trump. These reports are false. Our office has taken no action against Mr. Lewandowski. The matter was investigated and charged by the Jupiter Police Department, not this office. We will await the file from the Jupiter Police Department and make a decision on how to proceed in this matter before Mr. Lewandowski’s May 4th arraignment.

Law enforcement charges on a probable cause standard. The State has to proceed on a legally higher standard of proof, which is beyond a reasonable doubt as well as whether there is a reasonable likelihood of a conviction. At this point, our office has not received the case.

We have never said here, that I can recall (and I could be wrong), that prosecutors charged Lewandowski — we just quoted reports he had been “charged” . . . which can describe the actions of police as well as prosecutors. But I believed that court charges had ben filed, because (as the statement says) numerous outlets had said they had. For goodness’s sake, Anderson Cooper told Trump that the State’s Attorney is a Democrat at the Milwaukee town hall. Anyway, it’s important to be clear about such things, and so I am doing so here.

I also would like to reproduce a response to an email I received yesterday, asking whether I thought it was right for Lewandowski to be charged:

I speak for myself, not my office.

I think it’s a very minor incident that should not lead to jail time. Perhaps community service and a fine. But you do not get to lay hands on someone and bruise them because they’re asking your boss a challenging question. The case is a slam dunk that he did that.

The real issue here is not the minor battery, but the smearing of Fields, the lies, and the new set of lies to cover up the old lies.

I documented that last paragraph thoroughly yesterday.

I should add that if prosecutors decide not to file charges — and they may so decide — the same people saying that the prosecutors should exercise discretion will take the non-filing as TOTAL VINDICATION OF LEWANDOWSKI and PROOF THAT THE WHORE WAS LYING!!!!!11!1!!!

But you can’t stop stupidity.

This should have ended with an apology. Instead, they went after her hammer and tongs, like Clinton went after Lewinsky. When your philosophy is 115% overreaction to every single slight, whether you’re in the wrong or not, this is what you get.

And by the way? That’s also how countries end up at war. So this stuff matters.

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