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The GOP Sucks Because the Electorate Sucks

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There. In one headline I just summed up the argument I made at greater length in this New Year’s Day post:

You can blame the spineless politicians all you like, and I will happily blame them right along with you. But the fact is, this giant pile of irresponsible debt is what this increasingly soulless and immoral country wants. The longer we do this, the more we are wrecking our children’s futures. And tra la la, nobody seems to care. We’re going to “get the millionaires who are doing pretty well to do a little more,” to use the Huckster in Chief’s well worn phrase, and meanwhile the do-nothings who contribute zero to our society get to keep sucking on the socialist teat. And this is what we want, as a country. This is what we voted for.

I see Drew M. making the same point today at Ace’s:

Far from being a bulwark against this out of control spending and growth in federal partner, the GOP has been at best an enabler and at worst a perpetrator.

And I don’t blame the GOP one bit.

Political parties and politicians are about winning elections. In the end the best way to win an election is to give a majority of the people in the electorate what they want. What far too many Americans want (even some conservative Republicans in good standing) is other people’s stuff.

How many people who voted for Mitt Romney or actual conservatives for Senate and the House want their Social Security and Medicare left untouched? How many of them give lip service to a flat tax proposal but would freak if their various tax credits and deductions were eliminated? How many of them talk a good game about getting rid of the Department of Education but would freak if aid to their kid’s district were cut?

Of course Republicans are going to respond to these people. But these people who support all sorts of government spending while talking about “the damn government” and taxes are the problem.

Yup. And what’s the solution? Drew M. doesn’t know. I don’t know. I suppose we can keep trying to explain the problem over and over and over and hope that more people listen and understand. But we all pretty much know that won’t work. What will? I can’t think of a thing other than the country sinking like the Titanic.

But identifying the correct problem is certainly part of any solution. And the problem is clear: while you and I and the other readers of this blog are not the problem, we — by which I mean this country — we are the problem. We have become a horrible, lazy, soft, whiny, petulant bunch of good for nothings, combined with a bunch of people too ignorant to care. This does not describe everyone, but the majority of the electorate falls into one category or another.

Politicians can’t say that because they want your vote. I don’t care about your vote so I’ll speak the truth.

The GOP sucks because the electorate sucks.

The Definition of Cojones

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Is right here:

Talking about how we need to hold straw purchasers accountable?


From the administration that presided over Fast and Furious, I’d say this is evidence of a huge set.

New O’Keefe Video: Declare This Home Gun-Free!

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Employees of the newspaper that published gun owners’ addresses are asked to put a sign outside their homes declaring their house gun-free.

They decline:

I would have liked it better if I knew that the people in question were not just employees, but were direct hypocrites who had participated in the publication of gun owners’ addresses. Still, funny as always.

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