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The Obligatory “Obama May Use Executive Orders to Effect Gun Control” Post

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According to the Buffoon in Chief:

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“The president is going go act,” said Biden, who is conducting meetings all week on gun control. “There are executive orders, executive action that can be taken. We haven’t decided what that is yet, but we’re compiling it all.”

I’m not saying not to worry. This guy doesn’t think you have the right to own guns. There is a perceived crisis and he’s not going to let it go to waste. Of course it’s right to worry.

But I would like to know what they are proposing, to calibrate my level of outrage properly. Will I be ready to march on Washington? Or just be annoyed at more of the same nonsense? Time will tell.

Carney: I Won’t Rule Out the Trillion Dollar Coin

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A rare but minor note of disagreement with my favorite blogger, Allahpundit:

[I]t’s already reasonably clear what Obama’s presidential legacy will be. There may be big things still to come — a confrontation with Iran looms largest — but barring something truly momentous and unexpected happening before 2016, in 20 years’ time historians will remember The One for his total, almost cavalier refusal to deal seriously with the country’s approaching fiscal crisis.

“Almost” cavalier?

Otherwise, spot on.

Entitlement Reform Negotiations Will Be a McConnell/Biden Production

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And why not? I mean, the fiscal cliff deal was so awesome, why wouldn’t you want to go back to the same guys for this negotiation?

Hey, at least Americans are skeptical about the trillion dollar coin! Of course, Americans don’t think we need to do much about Social Security and Medicare, so why do we care what Americans think? Oh, right: because they will vote out of office anyone who does.

Our debt is well over 100% of GDP (about $14 trillion). Historically, countries begin to fail at about 90%. We achieved this dubious goal under this president, and we’re not even halfway done with him.

That’s what four years of Obama have done to the country. Here’s what it’s done to me: made me angrier.

My son doesn’t seem to care about politics, so I have the political discussions with my daughter. After the last election, I told my daughter it was important to settle political differences without making it personal. After this election, I told her that this president and the other politicians are raising the taxes she will pay as an adult, mainly so we can give money to other people. She seems to take that personally. And I don’t blame her. So do I.

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