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Okay, Boehner: Take A Damned Stand

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They want to play the “no negotiation” game? Obama, Mr. Stimulus, wants to blame CONGRESS for overspending?

Fine. Here’s what you do.

You draw up a budget that has what you want. No more whining about what the other side will agree to. Just figure out what you want and then pass it.

And then approve nothing else. Whatsoever.

You have the House. You have the spending power. Obama is blaming YOU for not exercising it wisely.

And he’s right.

So raise the debt limit. And then pass what YOU think is a defensible budget.

If the Democrat-controlled Senate and the Democrat president won’t pass it, that’s on them.

The debt ceiling is not a way to make a stand because it’s suicidal and you know it. So raise it.

And then, pass exactly what you want. If they’re going to blame you, then you vote only for a bill you feel comfortable taking FULL responsibility for.

Dammit. Take a stand for once in your life. Why are you doing this job if you’re not going to take a stand?

Four More Years? How About Eight? Or Twelve? Or a LIFETIME!!!!!’

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The other day I realized: this chucklehead hasn’t even been re-inaugurated yet. Our second four years of lies and wicked irresponsibility hasn’t even started.

What could possibly be worse?

Ooh, ooh, I know! Call on me!

How about amending the Constitution so he can be President forever!

Thanks to Dana.

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