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When Andrew Breitbart first called me to tell me there was going to be an article about a convicted domestic terrorist named Brett Kimberlin, he was talking about an article by Liberty Chick aka Mandy Nagy. When Kimberlin threatened to sue me the moment I published something about him, he threatened to sue Mandy too. Mandy has always been there at every step of the way throughout all this harassment: an honest, steady guiding hand at times when so many of the personalities involved seemed duplicitous and crazy.

The other day I called Mandy and couldn’t reach her. I later got a text from her saying she couldn’t talk because she had been taken to the hospital in an ambulance. She has lupus (among other health problems) and it had flared up to the point where she was having trouble breathing. Here is a blog post where she asks for help. You can tell she is embarrassed to have to do so. And when she says that friends have importuned her to do so, understand that I am one of those friends:

It’s usually not my style to prompt people to hit the Tip Jar (my Donate page). However, this month has been an extraordinary one for me. So, after a good deal of prompting from friends, I finally decided to post this message.

Some of my friends are aware that I’ve suffered with Lupus since being diagnosed 15 years ago. Creating awareness of the disease is a public advocacy effort of mine.

While usually manageable, once every few years or so, it can get extremely difficult. Unfortunately, that’s where I’ve been for a few months now. It’s been quite a roller coaster ride.

Recently, I had an unexpected ambulance trip to the hospital and some significant additional unexpected medical expenses … with still more to come. As most of you who are bloggers know, health insurance is hard to come by in this profession. I usually do just fine paying my own way, but as I’ve noted, these have been unusual circumstances of late.

Mandy has been consistently hassled by the same people who have harassed and lied about me.

For example, our old friend Occupy Rebellion, while publicly silent on Twitter, has been heaping abuse on Mandy in comments at the execrable Breitbart Unmasked site (no links for cyberstalkers). Here are representative examples from the past few days:

If Mandy or her nieces are gangraped for an entire night from party to party and basement to basement, WHO THE FUCK CARES.

. . . .

Mandy wants proof from real victims and wants to hear both sides. Well BITCH, get us that police report about your so-called “rape.” HEY, let’s contact Mandy’s “rapist” and interview him asking what really happened. We need his side of the story to know what really happened. Because this is crazy Mandy we’re talking about who only throws around the “rape” claim when she finds it convenient for her on Twitter.

Mandy was raped once, you see, and she has talked about it publicly. That’s why Occupy Rebellion refers to it, and (simply because she doesn’t like Mandy, and because Occupy Rebellion is a horrible and soulless human being) she continually claims Mandy has lied about the rape.

Mandy defends the rapists and doesn’t want people to rush to judgement. She claims the facts aren’t all in yet. Well where are the facts about Mandy’s so-called “rape”?? You don’t expect us to take your word for it, now do you? We need to get to the bottom of Mandy’s so-called “rape” and find out all the facts. I want that fucking police report and the rapist’s name so I can contact him and ask him what really happened. Or will Mandy find it convenient to say she doesn’t know who her “rapist” is and he was never found?

Just as she & Stranahan were defending the rapists, she conveniently starts tweeting she’s sooo sick and needs an operation or whatever medical attention she’s yapping about. . . . Now she conveniently claims she’s “sick” and needs to go to a hospital. LIES!

And Bill Schmalfeldt, who is like the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons without the charm or good looks, has been mocking Mandy as well, conducting (with his usual incompetence and disregard for the facts) an “investigation” of Mandy’s family, and making donations to her accompanied by lectures about what a leech she is. Mandy returned his money, probably because 1) she has pride, and 2) based on his past history, Schmalfeldt probably only made the donation to a) find out her address and b) later falsely accuse her of fraud and use his donation to make himself a “victim” with standing to report his false accusation to police.

Always remember and never forget: Schmalfeldt has openly said that he conducts his harassment (he calls it “investigations”) on behalf of Brett Kimberlin:

In fact, very much because the Kimberlin crowd make their living from donations from suckers, they have accused others of doing the same thing. Always accuse others of what you yourself are doing; that’s their credo.

Which is all a long way of saying: if you donate to Mandy, it’s really going to upset the bad guys.

Me, I’m giving her twice as much, just because I know it will make Less Handsome and Charming Comic Book Guy sad. And Occupy Rebellion fly into another rage (although that’s nothing special, since she has about 15 of those a day, due to her self-admitted psychological problems).

Mandy’s post, again, is here, and her donate page is here.

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