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Boehner Wins Speaker Vote

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If you care. I don’t, really.

Editorial Cartoon: Obama, Entitlement Pusher

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A couple of days ago, I envisioned the following editorial cartoon to summarize the fiscal cliff deal, as well as the debt situation this country faces:

In the editorial cartoon I envision, a child is lying on the ground dying. On the child are the words “our children’s future.” Obama is a doctor, stethoscope hanging from his neck, standing over the dying child who needs CPR. Obama is handing out heroin to onlookers so they won’t notice he’s doing nothing to save the child. Every so often someone says, what about the child? and he starts making speeches about how we need to save the child, but it needs to be a balanced approach. We need the rich people to give us more heroin, so I can have time to save this poor child. What I won’t do is cut off your heroin just because the fat cats want to keep it all for themselves. And everybody in the crowd applauds and takes more heroin, and passes a law that the rich people need to give them more heroin.

Meanwhile the child is dying right in front of this crowd and nobody cares because they’re all too high. And you can tell they’re going to keep ignoring the child and getting high until the child is dead.

After I wrote that, a reader submitted this image to me:

Obama, the Entitlement Pusher

That about sums it up, doesn’t it?

The reader wishes to remain anonymous, obviously because of how racist this all is.

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