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Aurora Suspect to Appear in Court; Obama Suddenly Against More Gun Control

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Story on Holmes’s court appearance here.

Still think we don’t need the death penalty?

P.S. Obama says we don’t need more gun control in response to the Aurora shooting. Except, he likes gun control, assault weapons bans, and so forth. Goodness gracious, what explains the change? Could it be that gun control is a loser in the polls, and there is an election coming up?


Penn State Penalties

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Ten yard penalty, first down!

Just kidding.

A tipster writes with a list of the unfolding NCAA penalties on Penn State owing to the Sandusky child sex abuse scandal:

— $60 million fine
— banned from bowl games for 4 years
— scholarships reduced from 25 to 15 per year for 4 years
— transfers allowed immediately with no wait-out
— academic standards maintained
— Penn State football record from 1998-2011 altered
— formal reforms and reviews required as set forth in the Freeh report
— report to the NCAA on Penn State’s progress in making changes for 5 years
— no death penalty

$60 million, I’m told, is one year’s worth of gross revenues for the football program.

The immediate transfers provision seems close to a death penalty in practice, under the circumstances. According to the L.A. Times, the alteration of the historical football record means all wins are vacated — meaning Joe Paterno is no longer the winningest coach in history.

I think the ironic fallout is that these penalties, rather than Paterno’s inaction, are likely to be what changes locals’ views of Paterno.

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