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Cha-CHING! OccupyRebellion Puts Money in Aaron Walker’s Pocket

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I recently said:

Tomorrow I pledge to give $1 to Aaron for every tweet she makes disparaging him, up to $50. This way she will know that every time she hits that enter button — cha-CHING! It’s money in Aaron’s pocket.

She waited until late in the day to get in her shots — but she earned Aaron some money yesterday:

I just sent Aaron $21 — one dollar for each tweet I found by OccupyRebellion on July 6 disparaging Aaron. Technically, I sent it to the RightSolutions Bloggers Defense fund, which is the top link on his site. That’s on top of a previous, larger donation I made to the same fund the other day. You can make this donation with a simple PayPal payment; no personal information need be transmitted (other than your email, which always accompanies a PayPal donation).

If anyone wants to match that, please donate to Aaron at his blog and let me know in the comments that you did so. I’d like to be able to tell OccupyRebellion exactly how much money she earned Aaron yesterday.

UPDATE: Dianna matches! We’re up to $42!

UPDATE: Matched by Russ. Up to $63 earned by OccupyRebellion for Aaron!

UPDATE: Matched by an anonymous donor. Total is now $84.

UPDATE: sybilllll on Twitter said she has made it $105.

UPDATE: Another Anonymous donor tosses in $100 for a new total of $205!

UPDATE: Kevin in ABQ on Twitter is in for $20, and MickeyD is in for $21. New running total is $246. SPQR also donated but didn’t say how much.

UPDATE: AG Conservative on Twitter is in for $21. That’s $267!

UPDATE: Allen G and ellersburgwhoresonellis each kick in $21. Total is now $309!

UPDATE: $21 from Gazzer. $20 from jem. $22 from Machinist. PatAZ kicks in $21. And an anonymous poster kicks in $250. Colonel Haiku and chilly donate unspecified amounts.

So that’s $643, plus whatever was donated by SPQR, Colonel Haiku, and chilly. If any of them tell me the amount they donated, we’ll up the running total. But for now, it stands at $643.

UPDATE: Henrietta Jacobs, PPs43, and Ami have each donated $21. That brings our total to $706, plus unspecified amounts from SPQR, Colonel Haiku, and chilly. It sounds like plemmen may have contributed as well but I’m not sure.

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