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Aaron Walker Shows How the Kimberlin Crowd Calls Your Self-Defense an “Attack”

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Aaron Walker has transcribed some significant bits of the July 5 hearing in which he successfully appealed Brett Kimberlin’s latest frivolous peace order — the latest example of Kimberlin’s abusing the court system with deceptive and overbearing legal actions. Go to Aaron’s post to read it all, but I’ll highlight a couple of parts here that reinforce points we’ve made here in the past: namely, that Kimberlin takes defensive actions and statements, and dishonestly characterizes them as “attacks”:

B: In the blog that you have offered to the court today, can you cite any specific portion of that blog where Mr. Walker said he was going to assault you or harm you in any way personally? Personally? Is there any particular page—

K: Over and over he has said he is going to make me pay. Make me pay.

B: For filing charges against you [Walker?] and other things that turned out not to be true, right?

K: He said he was going to make me pay, and he said he went out and bought two guns, or had two guns.

B: And the context on that was that he was afraid of you and he was going to protect himself if you came to his home, correct?

K: I have never been to his home, I would never go to his home.

Let’s stop right there. We’ve been through this before, but since Kimberlin keeps alleging that Aaron threatened him by talking about getting guns for self-defense, let’s look at precisely what Aaron said:

I also purchased a handgun. I had owned a shotgun since law school for home defense, but I wanted something I could more easily carry in public. As they say, better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. And I made sure Kimberlin’s crew knew I was armed, to make them realize that I was not defenseless.

It’s all about Aaron defending himself. But with this crew, if you talk about defending yourself against their attacks or potential attacks, they say you’re attacking them. Back to the transcript:

B: Are you familiar with the term “SWATting?”

K: [long pause] yes.

B: And have you caused Mr. Walker to be SWATted by the Fairfax County or the Prince William County Police?

K: That is a despicable claim, and—

B: Yes or no.

K: —I resent it. I resent it! He knows I didn’t. And you know I didn’t. And you’re trying to again harass me, you are harassing me, just like—

B: I’m asking [begin crosstalk] if you are responsible for someone calling the police,[end crosstalk]

K: No! You’re harassing me. This man, this man, this man.

B: Excuse me sir, I am asking you, yes or no, are you responsible—

K: No! Absolutely not.

B: —directly or indirectly?

K: And it’s despicable!

B: So you didn’t call, or ask somebody else to call and tell the police that there have been shots fired at Mr. Walker’s home so the SWAT team would show up there. You didn’t do that, you’re not responsible?

K: Did you do that? I did it as much as you did it. I mean that’s ridiculous—

B: Sir, did you have anything to do with that or do you know who did?

K: No, I don’t.

Kimberlin says it’s harassment to ask him a question in court. In a proceeding to lift a frivolous peace order he should never have sought in the first place.

This is how these people operate, folks. They attack you — and if you have the temerity to defend yourself, or tell the world what they are doing, they call that an attack on them.

I’ll give you one more example of how this works. This one is not from Kimberlin himself, but from one of his supporters, the vile OccupyRebellion. Earlier this morning I pointed out how she threatened to publish pictures of my children and family, Lee Stranahan’s children, and Mandy Nagy’s niece — all because of the actions of a completely different person. I published a blog post last night embedding her unconscionable tweets. Here is one example:

Today — you guessed it — she is calling my blog post an “attack” on her:

It’s a playbook. You’re not allowed to defend yourself, or even point out their attacks, or they will call it an attack.

P.S. More than $706 has been raised so far for Aaron, in tribute to OccupyRebellion’s harassment of him on July 6.

Harassment, July 6 and 7, 2012

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Brett Kimberlin and Neal Rauhauser supporter OccupyRebellion brings family into it:

The repeated references to “Jay” are to a tweeter and blogger who has alleged that Neal Rauhauser owes tens of thousands of dollars in child support. I have not linked those pieces on this blog, but apparently those pieces are my fault anyway, such that OccupyRebellion feels justified in threatening my kids.

Oh, and then we have this, from “true conservative” Brooks Bayne:

Unclear whether he is accusing me of being the SWATter, or simply mocking the fact that I was SWATted — an action that could have gotten me killed. Either way, it’s despicable. But despicable behavior is this guy’s stock in trade as of late.

Weird that much of the harassment and defamation I get these days is from this guy — who claims he’s on the right.

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