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Aaron Walker Posts Transcript of Brett Kimberlin Deceiving Court While Seeking Peace Order

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Read it all at Aaron’s place. I think this part is worth pointing out:

Kimberlin makes it sound like Aaron came out of nowhere — just one stalker helping another. But, in fact, Kimberlin initiated contact with Aaron, not the other way around. Kimberlin had filed legal papers seeking Aaron’s true name, ostensibly so that Kimberlin could call Aaron as a witness on January 9. But when Kimberlin learned all of Aaron’s personal information, he didn’t use it to subpoena Aaron. Instead, he put that personal information — Aaron’s home address, Aaron’s work address, specific information about one of Aaron’s past lawsuits, names of schools Aaron attended, etc. — in court documents.

Then, Aaron showed up on January 9 to have all that personal information sealed. This was the very hearing where Kimberlin supposedly needed Aaron as a witness — yet Kimberlin didn’t call Aaron. What Kimberlin did do is oppose Aaron’s motion to seal all of that personal information. This would cause a reasonable onlooker to decide that Kimberlin wanted all that information public — perhaps so that it could be published on the Internet, to harass Aaron.

With all that in mind, look at the section of transcript in the screenshot. Why, this Aaron guy came out of nowhere, judge! I have no idea who he is! He just showed up at a hearing!! He’s a STALKER!!!

Just one example of Kimberlin’s use of deceptive lawfare to retaliate against people who criticize him. Read it all here.

Jim Hoft vs. Charles Johnson: A Surprising Victor in This One!

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Jim Hoft has a post titled Arkansas Dem Congressional Candidate Gene Jeffress Talks N*gger Babies at Campaign Stop (Video)

Actually, it’s not OK because he’s a Democrat. It’s OK because he’s quoting a racist and denouncing the quote as racist. Look for yourself. Here’s the video:

The perenially dishonest Charles Johnson gets this one right:

I already knew what I was going to see before I watched this clip, and I wasn’t mistaken — State Senator Gene Jeffress said the words “n_gger babies” because he was quoting and calling out a racist woman who used that phrase in a rant against the Affordable Care Act.

For Hoft to imply in any way that this politician is being racist, when he is denouncing racism, is very unfair.

Not Hoft’s best effort.

Thanks to e-mailer “Nica.”

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