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The Best Star Spangled Banner Rendition Ever

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I saw this today for the first time, although it’s been around for four years. The group is called the “Cactus Cuties” from Lubbock, Texas. The arrangement is absolutely beautiful and contributes greatly to the effect, but the quality of the singing is also undeniable . . . especially for girls aged 8 to 13:


Scalia on Fox News Sunday

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A nice long clip. 24 minutes of textualism and originalism.

I love this man.

Exit quote from Allahpundit:

It sure would be nice to have Justice Paul Clement on the Court five years from now deciding this issue rather than whatever hard-left liberal Obama scrapes from the ivory tower.

“Justice Paul Clement.” Wouldn’t that be sweeeeet.

NEWSWEEK: Romney is a Wimp

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I thought Mitt Romney was supposed to be a bully. Now we learn he is apparently a wimp instead. NEWSWEEK has a cover story out with a big picture of Romney next to giant print that screams: “The Wimp Factor.”

NEWSWEEK said the same thing about war hero George H.W. Bush back in the day. I guess they’re looking for a true tough guy — like Barack Obama.

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